We currently deliver in Bangalore.
We currently deliver in Bangalore.

FAQ Meal Plans by Masala Box

1. What is Meal Plans by Masala Box?

Masala Box is a meal plan system through which you can get healthy, home-cooked food delivered to your home or office on a subscription basis. The subscriber can choose a meal plan from the categories available and proceed to customise the meal type, number of meals and set the delivery dates.

2. What are the categories available?

3. What are the standard delivery timings?

The delivery for lunch is between 12 pm to 2 pm. For dinner, the usual delivery is between 7 pm to 9 pm.

4. How are the meal plan subscriptions prices?

Mini Combo
No. of MealsVeg (North Indian)Non-Veg (North Indian)
5 Meals575675
20 Meals20002400
Classic Combo
No. of MealsVeg (South Indian / North Indian)Non-Veg (South Indian / North Indian)Veg/Non-Veg (South Indian / North Indian)
5 Meals725925925
10 Meals140018001800
20 Meals260034503450
30 Meals345046504650
Deluxe Combo
No. of MealsVeg (South Indian / North Indian)Non-Veg (South Indian / North Indian)South or North Indian Cuisine
5 Meals92511251200
10 Meals180022002350
20 Meals340042804580
30 Meals465061206470
Bread Combo
No. of MealsVeg (Multi Cuisine)Non-Veg (Multi Cuisine)
5 Meals8001020
10 Meals15501950
20 Meals30003700
30 Meals42005250
No. of MealsVeg (South Indian / North Indian)Non-Veg (South Indian / North Indian)
5 Meals8201024
10 Meals15651965
20 Meals30003798
30 Meals41005340

5. Do I have to choose the meals daily?

You will be asked to set your preferences – cuisine, format, and meat (if you’ve chosen a non-veg format) – and set the delivery dates based on your convenience at the time of purchasing your subscription.  We make use of this information to deliver scrumptious meals to you on the set delivery dates. We also have a 24-hour cancellation policy. The cut off period for cancellation of lunch orders in 6PM (on the previous day) and 12 PM (same day) for dinner orders.

6. What is the difference between categories?

7. What are the areas covered by Masala Box?

Currently, we are serviceable in and around Indiranagar, HSR Layout, Marathahalli and Whitefield in Bangalore.

8. Can I change my address after I have purchased a subscription?

Yes, you can change your address after making the purchase by contacting the customer care and requesting for an address change. The address change can be requested only within the cut-off period in between the delivery timing. In the case of lunch the change can be made on the previous day before 6 PM while in the case of dinner, the change can be made before 12 PM on the same day. (Changes made after the cut-off period will be reflected within 24 hours).

9. Can lunch and dinner be delivered to two different addresses?

Yes, you can get lunch and dinner delivered to two different addresses. Each meal plan requires a unique subscription, thereby making it possible to get your meals delivered to different addresses.

10. Can we choose our own delivery dates?

You can choose the delivery dates within the validity period of your lunch/dinner subscription plan. For instance, a 5-day meal plan has a validity of 10 days, which means you can opt for any five days for delivery within the 10-day validity period.

11. Can we cancel a meal on any given day once a subscription is taken?

You can cancel a meal from your subscription 24 hours in advance. The credit for the cancelled meal will be carried forward and can be utilized within the validity period of your meal subscription.

12. Can we get a trial subscription?

We currently offer a short term, 5-meal subscription with a validity of 10 days. With this basic plan, you can enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals five times within a 10-day period from our daily-changing menu. The 5-day subscription will also help you get a hang of how to set your dietary preferences and set delivery dates to make it compliant with your budget and convenience.

13. Is it possible to get a combination of veg and non-veg meals?

You can opt for a combination of two smaller subscription packages and set the relevant dates to get a combination of both, veg and non-veg meals. Similarly, you can opt for separate subscription plans and choose the delivery dates based on your convenience, if you wish to get a mix of North Indian and South Indian cuisines.

14. Can I get a refund for a cancelled subscription?

If you are unsatisfied with the food or unhappy with our services, we will provide you with refund on a pro rata basis i.e., you will be refunded based on the number of meals you have consumed from your subscription given you have already started your subscription.

15. Can I get my delivery address changed without completing my existing subscription?

You can add your new delivery address through your account with the condition that it has been informed to us in advance in order to make the necessary changes from our end. Only then the delivery address for the existing plan will be changed.

16. Can I customise my meal as per the food I am allergic to?

We understand the severity of food allergies although we do not customise as per your food allergies. Being homemade, we ensure that our food is fresh and free of any sort of preservatives, taste enhancers, colours and other additives. Because of the number of meals served, we will not be able to guarantee that our food is allergen free as per individual customers. Customers concerned with food allergies must be aware of this risk.