India’s Top 6 Food-Loving Cities

India's Top 6 Food-Loving Cities

India is a country with an incredibly diverse culture and cuisine. If you’re looking for a place to visit where you can experience the true essence of India. Look no further than its food! Here are tenfood loving cities!


The capital of India, Delhi, is a foodie’s paradise because of its incredible mix of people and various cultures. Food is one of the best ways to experience and appreciate these differences. However with delicious options available everywhere you look. Whether you’re looking for an authentic Indian meal or something more exotic, Delhi has exactly what you’re craving.

The city has various restaurants catering to every type of cuisine imaginable. From authentic Punjabi dishes like butter chicken to international cuisines like Thai and Italian. The city also boasts hundreds of street vendors selling everything from samosas to chaat (savoury snacks). It is anjoyable at any time during each day. You can have it early in the morning, mid-morning snack time or late afternoon on your way home from work!


Kolkata is one of the best food loving cities.. It’s the birthplace of the Kathi roll—a snack that consists of a thin bread roll stuffed with spicy egg curry, chicken or mutton curry, and topped with fresh coriander chutney. It has been around since the early 20th century. Invention of the food was actually to make rolls for British soldiers stationed nearby.

Other popular street foods in this city include momos , jhal muri and chowmein.


Bangalore is a city that has a vibrant food scene. Also with a mix of traditional fare and international cuisines, including Chinese, Italian and Mexican. The city is known for its variety of non-vegetarian dishes. Like Chettinad cuisine and fusion cuisine.

The city has many restaurants that serve world-class Indian food as well as some unique dishes you won’t find anywhere else in India!


Mumbai’s rich food culture is a blend of different styles and flavours that have evolved over time. Mumbai has a huge variety of restaurants serving different cuisines. Some popular dishes include vada pav, pani puri and dosas.


Pune is known for its restaurants that serve authentic Maharashtrian food and one of the great food loving . Pune’s best food is found in the neighbourhood. Kothrud and Pimpri are good places to start your culinary journey. But if you’re looking for something less touristy, try visiting Aundh or Kondhwa.

Maharashtrian cuisine is a blend of different styles and flavours that have evolved over time. You might find some similarities between it and Punjabi food. But there are also significant differences.

Some common ingredients include

  • tamarind pulp (a souring agent)
  • turmeric (a spice used to add depth of flavour)
  • coconut milk and peanuts (used in curries).


Hyderabad is known for its mutton biryani and chicken biryani. The city is home to the original dum biryani, a special dish originating here. The list of delicious Hyderabadi dishes doesn’t stop there—the city also has an entire menu dedicated to vegetarian food!


As you can see, India has a wide variety of food to offer. Whether you’re craving vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes. Indian cuisine has something for everyone. If you’re planning on visiting India anytime soon, make sure to try out these dishes as well as other local favourites!

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