6 Indianised Foreign Dishes That Somehow Just Make Sense

6 Indianised Foreign Dishes That Somehow Just Make Sense

This should probably come out as a diss, but hey Indianised foreign dishes are a thing, and it’s here to stay. You probably haven’t even realised this, but you love some of these dishes already!

Vegetable Manchurian

Indo-Chinese food is so popular, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s declared a separate cuisine. We all know what vegetable manchurian is. We’ve had it, we love it! It’s a power-up for the vegetarians out there honestly.


Pink Sauce Pasta

I know some Italian nonna is probably crying as I write this, but hey pink sauce pasta is the real deal! Mix two iconic dishes and what do you get? Another super iconic dish! (for real though, sorry nonna)


Tandoori Momos

Say what you will about Indianised food, this is one dish I will absolutely get behind. Don’t be shy, put those momos in the tandoor! Vegetable or chicken, they’re both AMAZING.


Hakka Noodles

Question One. What even is a Hakka? Question Two. How does one stop eating them just after one plate? Hakka Noodles are literally soul food and you cannot tell me otherwise.


Tikka Tacos

Every food item with the name “tikka” in front of it is for sure 100% delicious. Put it in front of a popular Mexican dish and you’d be rather surprised at how shockingly great it tastes. Trust me, I’ve tried it. Tastes like heaven.


Chilli Chicken

The Indo-Chinese cuisine is back at it and they never lose. Pair this delicious dish with some hakka noodles or some fried rice, and trust me you’re good to go!


There are very few things that make me this hungry. This article is definitely one of them. Ordering some right now.

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