5 Popular Indian Chefs And Their Signature Dishes

5 Popular Indian Chefs And Their Signature Dishes

It’s not uncommon for an iconic chef to have a defining dish. These hand-curated signature dishes speak volumes about them and reveal their true personality. 

Here we bring you some signature dishes of your beloved Indian chefs!

Chef Anahita Dhondy – Doodh Na Puff  

Credits – instagram.com/anahitadhondy

A flag-bearer of Parsi cuisine, Chef Anahita picked up the Doodh Na Puff recipe from Udvada, a place near Surat. Dudh Na Puff is essentially milk froth. Moreover, the aroma of nutmeg, cardamom and rosewater takes this dish to a next level.

Chef Ranveer Brar – Dorra Kebab

Credits – youtube.com

A unique kebab made with minced lamb wrapped in a silk thread and cooked over the fire, known as Dorra Kebab, is a specialty of Ranveer Brar, one of India’s most celebrated chefs. A long-forgotten appetizer, this signature dish finds its inspiration from Lucknow’s legendary street vendors.

Chef Kunal kapur – Ghewar

Credits – wikipedia.org

Chef Kunal is a popular Indian celebrity chef, restaurateur, and media personality known for his innovative take on Indian cuisine. Ghewar, his signature dish, is an ode to the authentic Indian halwai. Moreover, the whole process of seeing the saffron egg custard melt on top of a beautiful net of fried batter is a pure delight. This chocolate-covered Ghewar is a fusion to rejoice!

Chef Amrinder Sandhu- Deomali  

Credits – instagram.com/chefamrindersandhu

Amrinder discovered Deomali while trekking in Arunachal Pradesh’s Deomali village. The dish is served with fragrant rice and wrapped in an Alpine leaf. Chef Amrinder mainly focuses on preserving cultural traditions and handing them down via her recipes. Known for her passion for slow cooking, deomali is her iconic signature dish full of earthy flavors.

Chef Saransh Goila – Goila Butter Chicken

Credits – cntraveller.in

Known for his signature dish, “Goila butter chicken”, Chef Saransh’s dish was hailed by chef George Calombaris as being the best chicken dish in the world. A delicious affair of traditional classic flavors and modernism, chef Saransh’s recipes reflect simplicity and subtle flavors.

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