I have Coronavirus. What do I eat?


It has reached that extent where each and everyone is aware of what Coronavirus is. Coronavirus has drastically changed everyone’s lives over the past year. Be it financially, academically, employment, or even the loss of a dear one. At such hard times, all we can do is be responsible citizens and ensure to follow all norms and take necessary precautions of the ongoing virus. If you are someone who has been tested positive for Coronavirus or if you are developing symptoms for the same, then do not panic. There are ways to build your immunity and recover from the virus.

You must definitely invest in eating immunity-boosting foods

Here’s what you should eat!

You can stick to your daily diet that you will follow when you are home. You can eat everything homemade. On a general note, it is good to avoid chicken, fried food and junk food.

Drink plenty of water. There are no exceptions but drinking hot water is best preferred. Stay as hydrated as possible. Pre and post the virus, one tends to feel weak. It is advised that you consume food that is rich in proteins; such as meat, and seafood. The consumption of protein helps in building muscles and takes care of the damaged tissue. Micronutrients such as fruits and vegetables help in regaining your immunity, hence consume food such as citrus fruits, turmeric milk, soup with ginger, yogurt, tomatoes, spinach eggs, etc. Nutrition matters. Consume foods that have high immune properties. Food with protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and zinc.

Cooking gets hard and the struggles faced by the family members take a lot of effort. In such cases, you have to incorporate methods that do not include any member around. Even with cooking, there is a high risk of spreading the virus. To maintain a contactless existence with family members of roommates then subscribe to healthy food delivery services.

The benefits of subscribing to meal services.

The benefits of subscribing to meals are immense. Here are a few aspects of why you should subscribe.-

Homemade food: 

One might believe that ordering food from out is basically junk. But if you order from places that offer homemade food delivery, you are safe. Your cravings for regional home food will be fulfilled. Each plate of food served is prepared using fresh, locally sourced produce in a home kitchen just like yours with good hygiene.-

Made by home chefs:

At Masala Box, the food is procured from our network of home chefs, who use only garden-fresh ingredients to prepare decadent dishes in home kitchens that are compliant with sanitization guidelines.-

Healthy and Nutritious: 

Homemade food is healthy and it is the best option when you are sick. Its nutrients and health benefits easily boost the immune system. Meal plans are subscription-based homemade food delivery offerings. You can choose and customize all your meals and enjoy delicious flavors of Indian cuisines.-


In Masala Box, you can customize your meals according to your preferences. Be it veg or non-veg, roti, rice, or dates everything is customizable.-

Easily disposable: 

Being a Coronavirus patient, it is advised not to use the same utensils or maintain separate utensils. It is rather convenient and safer to eat from a disposable plate. You can eat in the same box provided and dispose of it.-

Sanitize and temperature check: 

Delivery partners have adopted a No Contact Delivery System wherein the delivery partners will leave the package by the door. The delivery partners are encouraged to follow social distancing practices. We also encourage online payments.

Great nutrition is pivotal for one’s health, especially when the immune system might need to fight. Instead of risking other members in the house by getting in contact, it is better to subscribe to meals that offer the same benefits as cooking food at home. In these tough times, it might be difficult to find who is delivering good food around. Masala Box delivers across Bangalore. You can check this verified website https://covidmealsforindia.com/ for the same.

Few tips that will help you overcome the fear of the virus

Apart from that here are a few tips that will help you overcome the fear of the virus because your mental health is as important as physical health.-

Stay Active: 

Your physical and mental health is very important, hence exercise and stay active. With the outburst of a global virus, there has been an increase in the intake of online courses. Enroll yourself in workshops that will help you during that period.-

Meditate, Meditate, Meditate!!: 

Breathing exercises such as 8 breaths before sleeping overcomes your stress. It keeps your mind and body fresh in the morning.-

Hit up a family/acquaintances/friend: 

Talk to someone you trust. Someone you feel comfortable to vent without any hesitation. You are one call away.-

Watch or read something that will uplift your mood: 

Sometimes one tends to go in a zone that could lead to a negative impact. To get out of this zone, make sure to read a new book or watch a new movie/serial that emits positivity.

Create a new playlist:

  • Listen to songs that you thought you would never jam to. Try to make it a new habit.

If you are home quarantined with your family members and are constantly worried about them getting infected then here are few tips you need to follow.-

  • Isolate yourself. Do not share a room with others and use a bathroom separate from others in the house.-
  • Wear a mask despite being in your own house.-
  • Always cover your mouth with a tissue if you sneeze or cough and discard the same. Immediately wash or sanitize your hands.-
  • Use separate utensils such as plates, spoons, glasses, bowls, etc.
  • We hope this was helpful. Stay home, Stay Safe.

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