How To Make Perfect English Breakfast Tea

How To Make Perfect English Breakfast Tea

English breakfast tea is a classic, but it’s also surprisingly simple. So if you’re craving this warm and comforting beverage but aren’t sure if you’re making it properly, we’ve got the inside scoop on creating the perfect cup of English breakfast tea.

Boiling water

Before you begin, you’ll need to boil a kettle of water. This is an important step to take seriously: if the water is too hot, it will burn your tea leaves and destroy the flavor of your drink; if it’s too cold, it won’t release any flavor at all. So be sure to let your kettle heat up for about five minutes before pouring it over your loose-leaf tea leaves.

Add tea leaves to the pot.

While the water is heating, add one teaspoon of loose tea leaves for each cup of tea you’d like to make. Remember that you can always add more if you prefer a stronger brew! Don’t fill your pot more than half full with water, as this will not only allow the heat from the stove to escape and cool down your water too quickly but also cause it to boil over.

Once your water has reached a low boil (about 205 degrees F), pour it over your tea leaves in a circular motion so that they are evenly distributed throughout. To achieve optimal flavor and color, allow your brewed English breakfast tea to be steep for three to five minutes before removing any excess liquid with an infuser strainer or by gently pushing against the bottom of the pot with a wooden spoon.

Steep for 3-5 minutes

The steeping time will depend on how strong you like your tea. The longer the tea is steeped, the stronger it will be. For example, suppose you like your tea strong and intense; steep for 5 minutes. If you prefer a lighter brew that isn’t as overpowering in flavor, go for 3 minutes instead.

Pour into tea cups and serve.

  • Pour the tea into your cup.
  • Add milk and sugar if desired.
  • If you want to make a pot of tea, use a teapot instead of individual cups.

To make perfect English Breakfast Tea, use a black tea like Keemun, Yunnan, or Darjeeling and steep for 4 minutes to get the most flavor out of it.

To make the best English Breakfast Tea:

  1. Use black tea like Keemun, Yunnan, or Darjeeling.
  2. Use a pot with a strainer so you get all of the flavors out.
  3. Steep your tea for 4 minutes and use boiling water (just off the boil).


That’s it! Now you have perfect English Breakfast tea. You can try other types of black teas and see which ones work best for your taste. Also, don’t forget that there are many different grades of tea leaves available at most grocery stores or online retailers like So next time someone asks me what kind of tea they should buy, I know exactly what kind will be perfect for them!

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