How to make a Pinata Smash Cake- Fun and easy recipe for kids

pinata cake


There’s no denying it – pinata cakes are the new dessert craze. From cupcakes to cake pops, there’s something for everyone regarding this fun and festive treat. But what is behind this sudden obsession?

Some say pinata cakes are reminiscent of childhood summers spent playing in the park with friends. And who can resist a delicious dessert loaded with tiny delicious treats? Others credit social media marketing campaigns for driving pinata cake demand sky-high. Whatever the reason, we’re sure glad these tasty treats are back on our menus!

What is special about Pinata cakes?

Pinata smash cakes have created hype on social media in the recent past! Pinata smash cakes are made with a firm shell of chocolate. It is shaped like a sphere or half-sphere or a heart. Ribbons, sprinkles, or icing are used to decorate the outside part of the chocolate shell. Surprises like flowers, handwritten messages, greeting cards, cupcakes, or chocolates are hidden within the shell.

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A toy hammer with the cake is used gently to crack the outside shell of the chocolate. There can be secret surprises inside to be revealed after the cover opens!

The simple reason why Pinata smash cake is famous is that it is an entertaining aspect of the cake-cutting ritual. Rather than cutting the cake using a knife, the person can crush it with a hammer. It will add fun and emotion to the celebration as everyone is keen to see what is inside. This pinata smash cake is famous among people of every age, be it kids, teenagers, adults, or the elderly. 

Pinata cake recipe-Step by step


If you check the piñata cake price of 1kg from your local or online cake shop, you may think that you will need a lot of ingredients to prepare it at home. But basically, you only need one ingredient to make a piñata smash cake. You will need only white chocolate to make a heart-shaped chocolate smashable cake. Other than this, you will need a heart-shaped silicon mold. It is called a piñata cake mold. You will need it with a hammer as you will make a piñata heart-shaped smash cake. 

So you will need:

  • Two hundred grams of melted white chocolate
  • Filings for piñata cake
  • 3D geometric heart mold

Process of making the cake:

Any frosting will do. It is excellent to bake the cake a day before so that it becomes nice and cool when it is the right time to frost and assemble it. Do not spend a lot of time on the recipe for the cake. Instead, stay focused on the fun filling of the cake.

Check this step-by-step tutorial to prepare this piñata cake with a hammer.

Step1: Melt the chocolate:

The chocolate you will be using must have a perfect consistency. Check the detailed piñata cake video online to understand better melting chocolate correctly.

Step 2: Make the shell of the piñata chocolate:

Pour almost 150 grams of chocolate into the silicon mold. Then swirl this mold in every direction. Do it in such a way that the chocolate entirely coats this mold. After that, slide this mold to drip away the excess chocolate over one bowl. Clean all edges. Allow it to sit in your refrigerator for five minutes until it ultimately sets. Again let this set in your refrigerator for 9-10 minutes until it is completely set.

Step 3: De-moulding:

It is not challenging to de-mould. Yet it is vital to make use of gentle hands. Release the chocolate slightly from the edges in every direction. Put it on a flat surface. Pull the silicon mold gently towards you. Release the chocolate. Decorate the chocolate heart the way you like.

Store the cake: Cover the entire frosted cake. Store the cake in the refrigerator for a maximum of five days.

Freeze the cake: Freeze this smash cake, either frosted or unfrosted, for up to 2 months. If you are ready to have or serve it, thaw it overnight in the refrigerator. Then allow the cake to come to room temperature before you serve it.

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How do I assemble the cake?

Put a wooden serving board or a cake board. Add any filings of your preference. Place your decorated chocolate shell on top with a hammer on one side. Tie a ribbon to the hammer to make it look unique.

How to decorate the cake?

Use chocolates: Put any of your favorite chocolates. It is the easiest and best option to decorate the cake. Customize it by making flavored chocolates at home.

Add brownies: They will make a great homemade gift.

Include cheesecake: Consider putting the cheesecake in chocolate shells.

Put non-edible gifts: It is fun to impress your dear ones. Put any gifts such as watches, earrings, a ring to propose or gift cards. 

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How to smash the cake?

As you present the cake to someone, ensure that you hand over the piñata cake with a hammer used to crack open the cake. It is the best part of devouring the cake!

Is it safe to let my kids play with this cake without supervision?

It is always best to exercise caution regarding toys and cake, especially if your children are very young. Even small pieces of cake can be dangerous for young children if they eat a lot accidentally. And toy play can also lead to injuries – particularly if they are properly supervised.

Tips to make the perfect Pinata smash cake

  • Never place your chocolates in hot boiling water to melt them. It may seize all chocolates.
  • Carry on a second chocolate coat, mainly around the edges of the cake. You can add it anywhere you see the chocolate is thin and may break while you de-mold.
  • Always first release the edges while you de-mold. It ensures that you are not applying much pressure later, which may break the chocolate.

So do not be worried about the piñata cake price if you wish to experiment and have fun with chocolate as your main ingredient! Make this smash cake at home to surprise your little ones.

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