How to Eat Healthy: Indian Food Diets and Eating Habits

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We all love Indian Food and Indian Culture!

Once you start traveling around India, you realize that Indians have some distinct food habits. Some of them are fairly obvious, but others will raise some eyebrows.

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The “No-Spoon” Rule

There are many rules in the Indian culture that are quite difficult to understand by outsiders. One of the most interesting and complex is the no-spoon rule. It means that Indians prefer not to use spoons when they eat rice or curry. This is because we believe that the spoon doesn’t allow us to enjoy the food properly. According to Hindu culture, people should eat with their hands. The left hand is considered impure, so traditionally only the right hand is used to consume food. But these days it’s acceptable for foreigners and even Indians to use a spoon if they want to!

The Aroma Rule

Indians love spices. We believe that spices make food more aromatic and delicious. Spices also help us digest our very heavy meals easier — especially during lunchtime!

A traditional Indian meal has a lot of different components: breads, vegetables, chutneys and curries served together on a plate or thali (meaning “plate” in Hindi). Each item on the plate has a different flavor and smell which can be enjoyed with every bite.

Sitting on the floor Rule

The ancient practice of eating Indian food while sitting on the floor is making a comeback. There are many benefits to eating in this way, including improved digestion, stronger core muscles, and better posture.

When you eat while sitting on the floor, you are forced to use your abdominal muscles to keep you upright. This helps to strengthen these muscles, which can improve digestion and help prevent back pain.

This distinct food habits of eating while sitting on the floor also encourages good posture. When you are seated upright with a straight back, you are less likely to experience back pain or other health problems associated with poor posture.

If you’re not used to eating while sitting on the floor, start slowly by adding one or two meals per week. Once you get comfortable with this way of eating, you may find that you enjoy it and want to make it a regular part of your diet.

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