How Royalty Preserve Lifestyle In India: Silver Ladoos

How Royalty Preserve Lifestyle In India: Silver Laddoos

Alka Rani Singh, with links to the former Pratapgarh kingdom, Pratapgarh believes that being part of the blue blood clan is an excellent source of obligations. Revitalising the lost food and fashion with Silver Ladoos.

She has taken steps to revive the old arts, crafts, fashions, and food that belonged to the royal era. She is a model of giving a fresh perception of the royal lifestyle.

We had the pleasure of meeting with her during The Royal Fable Season 12 exhibition organised by Anshu and Varun Khanna. Along with Safir Anand. We spoke with her about hereditary fashion, food culture, and the reasons they are essential to preserving.

Tradition and food

Alka Rani Singh believes the best regional flavours were serve at the table during celebrations. Where all the women in the home would come together to prepare food. She has ensured that the traditions made of making pickles, chutneys, and seasonal desserts. Including Kali Gajar ka Halwa are not lost in the hustle and bustle of our modern lives. 

For Season 12 of Royal Fables, held on DLF Emporio’s premises, she made an original Silver laddoos that captivated everyone’s heart. Inspiring by culture, brimming with benefits, and a glimmer of luxury perfectly embodied what it means to be Diwali.

The idea behind Silver ladoos

“Basically, it is the revival of a specific recipe where Pan and Gulkand are put in together. Paan is extremely popular in Awadh and is traditionally people eat to digest food after a meal. Gulkand also, when correctly prepared, is an antioxidant that has cooling properties. I’ve made homemade Gulkand that is free of added sugar, and in this recipe, I have used coconut and the other two ingredients, which are rich in healthy fats and fibre. 

These three ingredients give the sensation of a light dessert. Rolling it in pure silver increases its health value since silver is believe as excellent antibacterial properties. The custom was to put a coin in the laddoos that were great symbol of Shagun or luck. In light of this, I have put a tiny silver ladoos, in any way you want.

A perfect Diwali gift

This royal mithai symbolizes luxury and taste and is packed with health benefits, making it the perfect Diwali present, according to Alka Rani Singh.

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