We currently deliver in Bangalore.
We currently deliver in Bangalore.

Home Specials - Order Regional Indian Food in Bangalore

Home Specials brings you an exquisite range of Indian delicacies from our best home chefs just for you! With our authentically made recipes, you can experience the rich culinary cultures of India!!

Rajasthani Dal   (1 Reviews)

This dal is a blissful infusion of spices and varied kinds of dals that are exclusive to the land of Mewar. Brewed to perfection with love and care, each spoonful reflects the essense of Rajasthan.(400g)

₹ 129.00
Amritsari Pindi Choley  

Creamy chickpeas in tangy sauce come together to create this dreamy dish from the soulful land of Amritsar. (400 gms) 

₹ 149.00
Andhra style Kai Kari Kurma   (3 Reviews)

Cooked in Andhra style Kopra with assorted veggies and a dash of poppy seeds, this glorious dish is a treat to your soul (300 gms)

₹ 149.00
Punjabi Paneer Butter Masala   (2 Reviews)

Humble cottage cheese meets creamy tangy masala to create this heartwarming dish. (300 gms)

₹ 179.00
Plain Parathey   (2 Reviews)

Prepared by rolling and baking the dough on a hot girdle, its golden brown perfection will surely melt your heart. (2 NOS)

₹ 50.00
Hot Kerala Idiappam [String Hoppers]  

Idiappam is a unique rice noodle bread which has its roots manifested in the historical lands of Tamilnadu, Kerala  and Sri Lanka. (6 NOS)

₹ 120.00
Steamed Idlis  

These famous South Indian fermented rice dumplings goes best with spicy meat and hot lentils. (4 NOS)

₹ 75.00
Malabar Parotta   (3 Reviews)

This uniquely laminated flat bread from Malabar is crispy, soft, fluffy, and a thing of pure joy.  (2 NOS)

₹ 80.00
Set Dosa  

Enjoy a pillowy soft dosa made with rice and poha/aval.  (2 NOS)

₹ 75.00
Lucknowi Subzi ka pulao and Bhurani raita   (2 Reviews)

This dish is brought to life with assorted vegetables cooked along with long grain rice and served along with some traditional Lucknowi style bhurani Raita. (350 GMS +80 ML)

₹ 149.00
Ghee Rice  

The perfect melange of steamed hot rice, tossed in  generous amount of clarified butter to create this age old favourite. (350 GMS)

₹ 109.00
Chicken Chettinad   (1 Reviews)

Spicy chicken curry cooked in a unique black masala blend, descending from the chettinad region of Tamil Nadu. (300 GMS)

₹ 219.00
Odiya Style Raseela Mutton  

It is a authentic homestyle Odisha mutton speciality which is cooked to perfection with humble onions, tomatoes and garam masala. (300 GMS)

₹ 319.00
Chettinad Mutton Chukka  

Every mutton morsel is marinated over night with subtle spices and cooked in coconut spice blends to create this famous dish from TamilNadu  (300 GMS)

₹ 319.00
Fish Pepper Masala   (1 Reviews)

This Andhra delicacy is prepared by infusing spicy black pepper masala with the fish to create this feisty dish. (300 GMS)

₹ 219.00
Moong dal Ka halwa  

Rajasthan's favourite dessert is prepared by blending yellow lentils in caramalised sugar and clarified butter to create a delightful experience. (150 GMS)

₹ 149.00
Gulab Jamun  

It is a berry sized ball dipped in rose flavoured sugar syrup, and it has consistently remained a stand-alone delicacy among Indian desserts. (2NOS)

₹ 75.00
Rajasthani Dal, Baati ,choorma, Ghee  

This Rajasthani staple combo comprises of whole wheat dumplings called "baati", which is baked in traditional ovens, paired with silky smooth spiced lentil and ghee. (400 GMS DAL+ 4 BATI + 80 GRAMS CHOORMA+ 20 ML GHEE)

₹ 279.00
Plain Paratha and Raseela Mutton  

Enjoy freshly prepared plain paratha with an authentic homestyle Odisha mutton cooked to perfection with humble onions, tomatoes and garam masala. (2+ 300 GMS)

₹ 349.00
Porotta And Chicken Chettinad  

Here is a perfect match : Porotta & chicken chettinad, a spicy chicken curry cooked in a unique black masala blend (2+ 300 GMS)

₹ 279.00
Set Dosa And Fish Pepper Masala  

The Andhra delicacy, fish pepper masala by infusing spicy black pepper masala with fish goes perfectly well with dosa. (2+ 300 GMS)

₹ 279.00
Plain Paratha And Punjabi Paneer Butter Masala  

Enjoy freshly prepared plain paratha with the heartwarmingly delicious punjabi paneer butter masala, (2 + 250 GMS)

₹ 209.00