5 Foods That Can Help Your Detox Become More Effective


Food is one of the best ways for you to detox your body. Eating right can help ward off the ill effects and toxins formed due to pollution, secondary smoke, food additives, etc. The following list can help you get your diet right. Read on to help your body detox the right way.


Board with slices of fresh apples and knife near window
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Apples are high in pectin. They tend to detox your body the right way and help you keep the doctor away! Pectins reduce the absorption of cholesterol and heavy metals in the body. They eliminate the toxins and help make the skin more radiant.

Source: Good to know


Selective Focus Photography Of Sliced Avocado
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Avocados help reduce toxins and dilate blood vessels while removing cholesterol plaque in the blood vessels. They contain glutathione, which blocks carcinogens in the body, thus making the body more agile and detoxing at the same time. It also adds radiance to the skin.

Source: Healing Gourmet


Photography of Garlic on Wooden Table
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Garlic clears harmful bacteria, intestinal parasites and viruses from your body. It also clears your arteries, has anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties. It also expels the mucus build-up in the airways and sinuses. Just remember, for health benefits, it is important that you use only fresh garlic, not garlic powder.

Source: Narayana Health


Person Squeezing Lemon on Stainless Steel Water Bottle
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Lemons contain Vitamin C and are a rich source of antioxidants as well as glutathione. This helps your body get rid of toxins and other harmful materials. Having warm water with some lemon can help detox your body.

Source: Narayana Health


Green Cabbages in Close-up Photography
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Cabbage contains numerous anti-cancer properties. It also has many antioxidants and helps the liver break down excess hormones. It also helps cleanse the digestive tract thus proving to be very beneficial for the body.

Source: Narayana Health

Who knew making such small changes in the diet could help you detox? It’s time to let go of toxins and clear all the oxidising agents from the body. A detox is one of the best things that you can do for your body. It’s a smart choice for your future self!

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