6 Food Phobias That Make Us Wonder “What The Hell Happened Here?”

6 Food Phobias That Make Us Wonder "What The Hell Happened Here?"

Is food scary to you? It’s most definitely not scary to me (currently daydreaming about food). But to some people, it is (spoiler alert)! Lemme tell you about a few such phobias that’ll make you question the human mind.


Vegetables literally never looked this scary before. Lachanophobia is an unwarranted or irrational fear of vegetables.


There’s a small group of people who dislike chocolate (I don’t like those people). But there’s an even smaller group who are afraid of it! Yes, really there are people who are afraid of cocoa.


It’s the fear of fungi or mushrooms. Honestly, I don’t blame the people, some of them really are dangerous.


Imagine you’re having a PB&J and some peanut butter gets stuck to the roof of your mouth. Sounds a little uncomfortable, but nothing more than that right? Well for some people it’s so uncomfortable that they’re scared of this sensation and have started leading a peanut butter-free life!


Pretty self-explanatory, this one (Methy- alcohol, Phobia- fear. The fear of alcohol). For real though, who isn’t scared of drinking a mixture of different drinks and having a painful hangover the next day?


Eating with chopsticks is pretty awkward, isn’t it? Well, some people are scared of it! But hey, fun fact- using chopsticks instead of a fork is the best way to lose body fat!

Let us know about your fears! Mine is waking up to no breakfast (I’ve had actual nightmares about this).

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