Food Comas Are REAL & You Love Them

Food Comas Are REAL & You Love Them

Food comas are a thing. We all know they happen, but we don’t talk about them. Well, I’m here to tell you that food comas are real, and you love them (even if you won’t admit it). So let’s get into what they are and why they happen!

Food coma is real

Food coma is accurate, and you probably love it. They as are when you overeat food, get tired and sleepy. And can’t sleep until the next day because your body has been busy digesting everything you just ate. This can happen even if you don’t feel full or stuffed after eating a meal. It shows that there’s more going on than just being stuffed with food that makes it impossible to move or think clearly.

So how do we know this? One study found that people would rather have their favorite dessert within an hour of bed than have no desser. Even though they knew it would make them fall asleep faster! People also rated their favorite desserts as more enjoyable. When tested before going to sleep than after waking up from their nap (when they normally rated their experience as “more intense”). So basically: When food comas kick in, all bets are off!

What is a food coma?

Food comas are a temporary drowsiness and relaxation that can occur after eating a large meal. While food comas are often seen in children after a big holiday dinner, they can also occur in adults.

They’re similar to hypoglycemia, a drop in blood glucose levels, but they aren’t usually caused by low blood sugar. Instead, they’re usually brought on by certain foods or habits (like eating too fast) that cause your brain to get too much glucose at once, which can lead to headaches or other symptoms depending on how much you consume.

Why do we love it?

If you feel dizzy and tired after a large meal, don’t feel bad—you’re not alone. The food coma is real, and it’s the body’s telling you that you’ve had enough food for now. When we eat in excess, our bodies go into survival mode by slowing down their digestive processes so they can use their energy elsewhere. This process prevents overeating from happening in the future (something we deeply appreciate!).

Food comas are also an important part of being satisfied with your meal: once your body has received enough fuel, it signals to your mind that everything is okay—no more eating required! It’s then up to you whether or not you want to keep eating or stop for now. If a food coma sends us into hibernation mode after dinner (or brunch), consider yourself lucky: That means no one will bother interrupting our nap time with annoying questions like “Are those cookies gluten free?”

Recently, actor Ranveer Singh shared a photo of himself indulging in food-coma-inducing treats on Instagram with his fans.


We hope this has helped you understand what a food coma is, why it happens and how to avoid it. You can also take comfort in knowing that the feeling of satiation is something to be enjoyed—it means that your body has had plenty of calories for now and wants to rest before going back into digestion mode.

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