Five Things To Know About Healthy Caviar

Five Things To Know About Healthy Caviar

Whether you’re a caviar connoisseur or you’ve never tasted more than the stuff that comes in tiny jars, here are some healthy things to know about this luxury food.

Caviar is the eggs of a sturgeon fish.

Caviar is the eggs of a sturgeon fish, which means it’s strictly not fish. Sturgeon are anadromous, which means they can live in salt and fresh water, and they grow up to be huge! The largest sturgeon ever recorded weighed over 2 tons—that’s about as much as an adult elephant!

Sustainability is a concern when it comes to caviar.

Caviar is made from the eggs of sturgeon, a type of fish that cannot be bred in captivity. Sturgeon populations have declined by 90% over the last 25 years because their reproductive cycle is so long (they can take up to 16 years to mature), and they don’t reproduce often. Caviar from wild sturgeon has become so rare that it’s now considered a delicacy—and one that’s healthy worth paying a lot for.

But there are other concerns about sustainability as well:

  • Sturgeon are an important food source for many countries’ native people
  • Sturgeon face pressure from overfishing and poaching
  • They live in freshwater ecosystems that need protection

The price is related to supply and demand, but also quality.

A few factors dictate the price of caviar. The primary factor is that it’s a luxury item, so the higher-quality and rarer your caviar, the higher its price will be. Also, sturgeon is an endangered species, limiting their harvest availability. This drives up costs even further.

The cost of caviar also varies based on its type: farmed or wild? White or black? These distinctions can impact how much you’ll pay at a market when buying whole fish roe (the unfertilized egg sac), as well as whether you should splurge on imported products or opt for domestic instead. For example, Osetra (Russian) sturgeon eggs are good and finest in existence. Also, you can also command top dollar preparing with in one fashion or another—they’ve also standard with gold medals at international competitions!

It’s not best served as an appetizer with blini and creme fraiche.

You can enjoy healthy Caviar with eggs, meats and even chocolate. Blini and creme fraiche are two popular ways of serving caviar enjoyed in centuries in Russia and France. Blini are thin pancakes primarily contains buckwheat flour, also creme fraiche is a soft, sour cream-like product primarily with fermented milk.

Other foods you can serve with caviar include:

  • Smoked salmon
  • Crème fraiche (a thickened cream)
  • Butter or sour cream

It can be eaten with eggs, meats or even chocolate.

You can eat and serve the caviar with eggs or bread, meats or even chocolate. You can eat it with blini, creme fraiche and even on toast. It goes well with various meats such as steak, chicken, or fish.

There are many types of caviar from all over the world.

Caviar is the eggs of a sturgeon fish, and there are many types of caviar worldwide. Caviar is a luxury food that can cost thousands of dollars per pound. It’s also an expensive gift—but no matter how much you spend on caviar, Caviar still worth it because it’s a delicacy that people have been eating for centuries.

It’s more than a garnish and centre of your plate.

As you can see, caviar is a versatile ingredient. It can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your dishes in the kitchen. Because it’s such a luxurious ingredient, it’s ideal that caviar is served on its own or with other delicate flavours and textures. For example, if you serve caviar and soft omelettes or blini (a Russian pancake), the flavours will complement each other beautifully. You also don’t have to limit yourself to serving caviar as an appetizer; it also makes for an exquisite side dish!

If you want to add more flair and elegance to your cooking repertoire this year, check out our selection of Caviar from around the world at Caviar Russe today!


In conclusion, caviar isn’t just a garnish. It is the centre of your plate and can be enjoyed in many ways. Sustainability is an important issue when eating caviar, so eat responsibly and enjoy!

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