4 Times When Movies Used Food To Show Emotion

4 Times When Movies Used Food To Show Emotion

Food isn’t just a means of sustenance, it’s an emotion. And the film industry understands that really well (those geniuses I swear). A character’s emotions sometimes revolve all-around food, and sometimes food is a means to show the depth of the character or the scene itself. Don’t think too much into it, I have you covered with this list!


Let’s start off easy shall we? If you’ve seen the movie, (if you haven’t, you absolutely should) you probably remember the scene where Anton Ego tastes Remy’s ratatouille. It’s one of the most perfect representations of how we associate food with happy memories. Anton is instantly transported to his childhood, where he enjoyed the ratatouille made by his mother. When Anton drops his pen, he also drops his “Ego”, which shrouded his initial passion for food.


Say what you want about Varun Dhawan he was phenomenal in this movie. My attention, however, was drawn to this one scene about 12 minutes into the movie. There’s a flashback where the protagonist’s wife makes chilli con carne, a Mexican dish, and the protagonist passes a sarcastic remark, playfully criticizing the dish. In the very next scene, the same person, completely shattered about losing his wife and son, eats the same chilli con carne that he once criticised, showing his desperate attempt at holding onto the little he has left of them.


Lady And The Tramp

Even if you haven’t watched the movie, you definitely know that one scene with the two dogs and the spaghetti. It just looks like another cute scene (and boy is it the cutest) but there’s more to it. The pooches smooching while sharing a plate of spaghetti shows how people bond over food. Why do most first dates take place over food? Well, now you know!

The Kashmir Files

Food doesn’t play a very big role in the movie but is definitely a memorable one for those who notice. If you’ve watched the movie, you probably remember the authentic Kashmiri spread prepared by Laxmi on Krishna’s arrival. When Krishna doesn’t know what Nadru is, she says “agar tum Nadru nahi jaante toh tum Kashmir nahi jaante”, rightfully implying that the food belonging to a place is one of the most important factors of the identity of the place and the people living there.


Really makes you think, doesn’t it? Next time you watch a movie, pay close attention to the food and what it signifies. It might just blow your mind!

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