7 Lesser Known Facts About Cheese That Could Even Get Jerry Thinking

7 Lesser Known Facts About Cheese That Could Even Get Jerry Thinking

Do you like cheese? No is not an option. Everyone likes cheese! But how well do you know your cheese? Not so much right? Well don’t fear because I’m here to help you with exactly that (and probably blow a few cheese-loving minds along the way).

Mysterious Origins

Nobody knows the actual time and place of the origin of cheese! It’s usually said to be 8000 years ago- the time when milk-producing animals were first domesticated. But nobody knows for sure. *plays conspiracy theory music*


Cheese Addiction Is Real!

If you can’t stop eating cheese, then hear me out. Cheese is actually highly addictive. It triggers the opioid receptors in the brain and has a similar effect as drugs! 



Can you name all the cheeses without googling? You probably can’t because there are more than 2000 of them! This means it would roughly take you 6 years to try all the cheeses if you tried one cheese per day. Now that’s a lot of cheese!


Win For The Lactose Intolerant

Are you lactose intolerant but also can’t get enough of some good, good cheese? I’ve got good news for you! Cheese is usually fine for consumption by lactose-intolerant people as it contains little to no lactose. Almost all of the lactose gets broken down during the cheese-making and ageing process.


Immortal Cheese!

All of us have had to throw away some cheese that went bad at least once in our lives. It’s a truly heartbreaking moment (i still haven’t moved on). There is one cheese to our rescue! Edam cheese, from North Holland, never goes bad! Yup, you heard that right. Never! 


Its Science, Not Rats

You’ve probably looked at Swiss Cheese and wondered where the holes are from. I know I have. Turns out, it’s not mice eating the cheese! It’s just some good ol’ fermentation that creates bubbles in the cheese.


Bulky Dairy

The heaviest cheese ever produced weighed 57,518 pounds (about 26,090 kg). Now that’s one chonky boi.


All this cheese talk really gets you craving some cheese pizza huh. Gotta go to Pizza Hut now, which, by the way, uses 136 million kgs of cheese per year.

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