5 Dishes You Need To Try To Satisfy Your Inner Material Girl

5 Dishes You Need To Try To Satisfy Your Inner Material Girl

Feeling fancy? Wanna eat something that makes you feel like the super extra person you are? You might wanna try these 5 dishes and think again…

Kobe Beef

What’s so special? I’m glad you asked. It’s only raised in Japan and only fed a specific feed blend that makes it taste at good as it looks. Now that’s some fancy cows I gotta say.

Credits- Unsplash


It seems like just any other seafood, but it’s real boujee. Every step, from catching to plating requires extreme care and attention. The health benefits of lobster aren’t any less either. It’s a great and rather delicious boost to your immune system!

Credits- Unsplash

Black Densuke Watermelons

It’s just watermelon, what’s the big deal? The big deal is that it’s extremely rare and is only found on the Japanese coast. Each watermelon costs $6000 and it’s only sold in crates of 250 or more.


Edible Gold Leaf

A leaf, made of gold, for you to eat! It costs $15000 per pound! Need I say more?



First thought- aww such a cute name. It’s not such a cute fish though. It’s extremely poisonous and people require over a decade of practice to get licensed as a fugu chef. Every fugu recipe is super expensive because of the training and expertise that goes into preparing and serving the dish.


Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? It does to the palate. Doesn’t sound great to the pocket though, my wallet is scared of me now.

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