Differentiate Between Fresh Paneer & Hydrogenised Paneer

Differentiate Between Fresh Paneer & Hydrogenised Paneer

The debate on whether Paneer is better off being fresh or hydrogenised is one that has been going on for a while now. Some people swear by the taste and texture of Paneer when it’s fresh. While others say that it’s just as good when it’s hydrogenised.

Let’s understand the basic difference between both and understand which is better.

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What is hydrogenised Paneer?

Hydrogenised Paneer is a type of cheese made from milk that has been treated with hydrogen gas. The milk is first pasteurised and then immersed in a hydrogen gas-rich solution. This process creates a cheese that is both shelf-stable and low in fat.

What is fresh Paneer?

Cheese formed from curdled milk is known as paneer in Indian cuisine. Draining and then finely chopping or shredding is the most common method of preparation. Many meals call for it, but Indian ones in particular. Spices can be added to paneer to give it a unique flavour.

Which is better?

The main difference between the two is that fresh Paneer is made with whole, unprocessed milk, while hydrogenated Paneer is made with partially-hydrogenated milk. Hydrogenation turns the natural fat in the milk into molecules called hydrocarbons, which make the cheese harder and less creamy.

Some people argue that fresh Paneer tastes better because it has more of a creamy taste and a richer flavour than hydrogenated Paneer. Others say that the taste difference isn’t significant enough to justify switching to fresh over hydrogenated.

Hydrogenated Paneer vs Fresh Paneer: How To Eat Them?

You can eat fresh paneer with some spices such as cumin seeds or red chilli powder making delicious paneer tikka or kebabs. You can also add some other ingredients like onions, tomatoes etc. Making curries or even salads with this versatile cheese product. It tastes great in any dish that requires cheese as an ingredient. However, the best way to consume this healthy food item is to eat it raw or grill with some spices on top of it!


In conclusion, it is important that yhere should be awareness of the different types of Paneer available to make the best choice for your needs. Fresh Paneer is a great option for those who want a healthy and nutritious cheese, while hydrogenated Paneer is a good choice for those who want a cheese that will last for a long time.

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