5 Different Types Of Bread That Are Not Naan

5 Different Types Of Bread That Are Not Naan

Bread comes in different forms. All of them have their own story, their own culture. Bread has always been our go-to food in times of hunger and every region has its own special bread. Today we bring to you a list of 5 different types of bread you must try in your lifetime. Any culinary journey is definitely incomplete without these.

Montreal Bagels

This Canadian delicacy consists of bagel dough, mixed with egg and honey. The hand-shaped rings are boiled in honey water before baking. This helps make the bagels dense and chewy giving them their unique taste! These bagels are nothing like American bagels. A must-try!



This bread is Chinese in origin. It is made by making the crust quite thin and giving the bread flavours rich in wheat. The bakers make the dough so thin that the finished product has 18 layers or so. Sweet and savoury fillings can be used to prepare this bread, making it even more delicious!



The dough prepared for this bread is slapped right into the embers. The heat from the embers makes the crust crisp and the inside is left steaming and moist. Many Egyptian families have been preparing this bread for generations now.

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One out of every few people in France walk down the street chewing on this bread. This bread is soft and full of flavour. Every bread lovers list of breads to try is incomplete without this one.

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People in Germany love to eat this bread which takes more than 24 hours to prepare! The intense cooking times convert the sugars in the rye to deep flavours giving this bread its rich taste. The German households have been making this bread for generations now.

Breads have always been an integral part of meals in almost all nations across the globe. However, these few breads have stood out from the rest due to their rich taste and flavour. These breads are a must-try for everyone out there! So what are you waiting for, go get them now!

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