Chicken Shawarma: The Best Dish You’ll Ever Taste

Chicken Shawarma

Shawarma is the ultimate sandwich. It’s a flavorful Middle Eastern dish that’s easy and fun to make at home. The meat is served on a spit and sliced off for sandwiches, which makes for an incredibly juicy and tender chicken dinner. Shawarma can be made with lamb or beef, but it’s most commonly made with chicken breast.

While you could use premade pita bread from your local grocery store. It’s worth taking the time to make your own homemade pita so you can really appreciate all of the flavors in this mouthwatering sandwich!

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Shawarma is a popular Middle Eastern dish

Shawarma is a popular Middle Eastern dish with cook meat on a spit. It’s traditionally is a street food and enjoyed throughout the region.

Shawarma can be prepare from chicken, beef, lamb, or turkey. But the most popular shawarmas are those made with chicken. And sometimes called “shawarma nayeh” or “chicken shawarma” to distinguish them from beef or lamb versions.

It’s among the most popular street foods in Israel and the Middle East.

Shawarma is popular street food in Israel and throughout the Middle East. It’s also a dish that you can find at restaurants and homes, as well as at parties.

It’s also incredibly easy to recreate at home.

You’re going to need a few things:

  • Chicken thighs or breasts, scotch-bonnet peppers, and coriander seeds.
  • A deep pot with oil that can be heated up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius).
  • An oven-safe wire rack that fits inside your pot, along with some foil and parchment paper.

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At its most basic, shawarma is a sandwich of meat with toppings and sauce stuffed into pita bread.

At its most basic, shawarma is a sandwich of meat with toppings and sauce stuffed into pita bread.

The word “shawarma” is Arabic for “turning” or “spinning” and refers to the way that the chicken cooking. The meat is stack on a vertical skewer and constantly rotated to cook it evenly. Shawarma is best with chicken, beef, lamb, or turkey; it’s usually served on pita bread (flatbread), and it usually comes topped with vegetables and sauce.

Cooking the chicken at a high temperature before letting it rest in warm olive oil keeps it juicy.

The chicken is cooked at a high temperature for 5 minutes, which helps to seal the juices inside. Then let it rest in warm olive oil for 10 minutes. This allows the chicken to absorb some of the olive oil’s moisture, creating a juicy and flavorful sandwich. If you don’t have olive oil on hand, use butter or ghee instead!

The key to getting that spit-roasted taste is cooking the chicken slowly over an indirect heat source.

The key to getting that spit-roasted taste is cooking the chicken slowly over an indirect heat source. In order for this to happen, you’ll need a grill or oven. If you have an outdoor grill, be sure to use it for this recipe—it’s what makes it taste so authentic!

If you’re using a grill: Place your chicken in a pan and place the pan on a rack in your oven. You can also place your chicken directly on the grill if you’re feeling adventurous (just make sure to spray some oil on it first). Once it’s done cooking (about 20 minutes) move it somewhere safe before serving. So that people don’t accidentally burn their fingers off while reaching in for some meaty goodness.

If you’re using an oven: Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit/190 degrees Celsius. Place your seasoned drumsticks into a large roasting pan and bake until they are cooked through (about 45 minutes).

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Shawarma has different strong flavors while still being well-balanced.

The shawarma has a strong flavor, but it’s still well-balance with sauce. The sauce is what makes this sandwich great, as it adds a little bit of heat and all of the deliciousness to every bite you take. It also helps bring out the other flavors in the sandwich—you’ll notice pickled vegetables on top of your chicken, which add some tanginess to balance out the rich meatiness of everything else between two slices of bread. Similarly, the cucumber gives you a coolness that cuts through all that spice without being too bland; it’s basically like eating salad on top of your lunch!

There are many different combinations for how people make shawarmas at home or order them from restaurants: some people prefer veggies or less sauce; others want theirs extra spicy (or not at all). But no matter how you like yours prepared, one thing is always true: when done right by someone who knows their stuff about cooking and eating well (like me), shawarma will always be delicious!

If you can’t find spices like sumac and za’atar, you can use spices you have on hand instead or substitute lemon juice or vinegar for the sumac and oregano for the za’atar.

If you can’t find sumac and za’atar, don’t sweat it! To make a similar flavor profile, you can use common spices in grocery stores. Sumac is a spice made from the berries of an evergreen bush growing wild in the Middle East and North Africa. Za’atar is a blend of dried herbs (usually oregano) with sesame seeds. If you like lemon juice or vinegar on your chicken, try using that instead of sumac; if you prefer oregano to za’atar, substitute it for the za’atar ingredients listed below.

The smoky flavor of roasted eggplant works well in combination with sharp pickles and creamy garlic sauce in this shawarma wrap recipe.

One of the perks of eating shawarma is that it’s really good for you; who doesn’t love that?

It’s full of fiber, potassium, and vitamins A and C. Eggplant is also a good source of antioxidants.

Chicken shawarma doesn’t have to be complicated to make at home.

Have you ever been to a shawarma place and thought, “This is amazing! I wish I could make this at home!”? Well, now you can. Chicken shawarma doesn’t have to be complicated to make at home. With the right tools and ingredients, it’s easy to make in your kitchen for anyone who loves chicken sandwiches or wraps.

Not only is making chicken shawarma a breeze, but it’s also cheap. The average cost of a sandwich from a restaurant is around $8 to $10! And if you’re like me and tend to eat way more than one serving at once (and if you’re not like me, then maybe this will change), making your own can save time and money over going out for lunch every day.


This recipe has broken down the process into four steps: marinate, roast, and rest; make the garlic sauce; assemble your sandwich; and eat. It’s a simple formula for a delicious meal that will be a crowd-pleaser for all kinds of eaters—vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores alike can all get behind it!

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