We currently deliver in Bangalore and Hyderabad.
We currently deliver in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Senior QA Engineer


We are looking for an experienced senior QA engineer. You will be required to oversee all aspects of software and product testing within the company. This may include developing test strategies, drawing up test documents, identifying faults, and reviewing QA reports.

To ensure success as a senior QA engineer you should have extensive experience in analytics, high-level problem-solving skills, and the ability to project manage. A top-notch senior QA engineer ensures the smooth running of the QA department and ultimately customer satisfaction.


- 2 Years experience as a QA engineer.

- Managerial experience preferred.

- High-level analytical skills.

- Advanced written and verbal communication skills.

- Critical thinker.

- Ability to project manage.

- Proficient in MS Office software.

- Detail oriented.


- Meeting with the software/product designers to determine quality assurance parameters.

- Overseeing the drafting of testing documents.

- Implementing testing procedures and overseeing the QA process.

- Troubleshooting quality issues and modifying test procedures.

- Conducting analysis checks on product specifications.

- Reviewing Quality Assurance reports.

- Ensuring the successful deployment of products into the market.

- Responding to requests from the design team and management.