Butter Boards: The Next Big Thing

Butter Boards: The Next Big Thing

Butter boards are an enticing new style; however, because of Tik Tok journalist Justine Doiron, they’ve captured the attention of social media users in a flash. Each day, a different content creator is testing with a brand new board, and millions of users are watching with keen interest.

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History of Butter Boards

The buttering board was featured in a cookbook from 2017 written by Joshua McFadden titled Six Seasons: A New Way to Cook Vegetables. The book is a celebration of the freshness of seasonal produce. The easy way to create an atmosphere for your taste buds than by dipping the fresh, crisp vegetables in flavorful butter.

The technical term is that they were an inspiration by the French Charcuterie Boards. Charcuterie boards are more elaborate, containing different types of cheese, cured meats and crackers, vegetables, and dips. Butter boards are more similar to cheese boards with an abundance of cheese and meats. But they are not as dominant as the meats in these boards. French charcuterie.

What are Butter Boards?

Butter boards are unfinished wooden boards sprayed with butter. Then adorned with spices, bits of condiments, fruits, vegetables and other herbs. These are intended for collaborative consumption and are typically eaten with bread. It is common to scrape the butter using bread and then eat it along with the bread.

It’s not practical for those who live in humid and hot environments. The butter will instantly melt and drip across the board, resulting in messiness.

It’s made quickly and easily and offers plenty of room to play around with it. You need to smear the wooden board with butter that is at room temperature. Sprinkle chopped parsley on top, grate some garlic, sprinkle with sea salt, paprika, and pepper, and then add finely chopped meats, vegetables or other fruits you like.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of the butter board has been expanded to include Nutella chocolate, chocolate, hummus and peanut butter, as well as dulce de leche! This new concept for a party will definitely see further innovations in the coming years.

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