Black Forest cake recipe: How to make black forest cake in a pressure cooker

How to Make Eggless Black Forest Cakes at Home: 4 Elegant Recipes.

Black Forest cake is a chocolate sponge layer cake. It is layered and iced using whipped cream. It is covered all over with chocolate shavings. Red sour cherries are used to garnish the cake. People all over the world enjoy this cake. Local cake shops in India have it as one of their highest sold cake items apart from white forest cake. Undoubtedly, the taste of a homemade black forest cake has a different meaning if you make it for a special occasion for your loved ones. So lets learn how to make it!

Perfect for celebration at home

Black Forest cake is loved equally by kids and adults. If you make it at home, then it is more memorable. Making a black forest cake in a pressure cooker is very simple but you need to look after a lot of things. Ensure that the cake pan sits comfortably inside the cooker, the temperature is low, use a good cake batter, and be alert about the timing. Then you will make a nice and spongy black forest cake in your pressure cooker. 

How to make it at home with no oven


  • One cup of all-purpose flour
  • Two tablespoons of icing sugar
  • One tablespoon of chocolate powder
  • One tablespoon of cocoa powder
  • Hundred grams of butter
  • Two hundred grams of condensed milk
  • One teaspoon of vanilla essence
  • One teaspoon of baking powder
  • A three-fourth teaspoon of baking soda

For Icing:

Whipped Cream

Twenty pieces of tinned cherry

Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Flakes

To prepare sugar syrup:

1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

One tablespoon of sugar

One-fourth cup of water


Firstly, before you make the cake black forest, ensure that every ingredient, such as the eggs, milk, and butter, is at room temperature. Keep your pressure cooker ready. Remove its whistle and rubber gasket. Use a towel to pat it dry. Also, always add a packet of salt to your pressure cooker.

Above it, place a stand. Put a greased baking tray on the stand’s top. Grease the tray using butter and dust flour. Heat the pressure cooker on low flame for 15 minutes before you begin beating. It will aid in getting it pre-heated.

Make a basic sponge for homemade black forest cake

In a mixing bowl, put all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, chocolate powder, baking powder, and soda. Mix all these dry ingredients until you combine them well.

Then take another bowl. Put butter in that bowl. Ensure that butter is at room temperature. Now beat it with a hand blender for 3-30 seconds. Add icing sugar. Again beat it for 30 seconds with butter.

Add condensed milk and vanilla essence. Mix them well. Add half of the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients bowl. Mix it for a few seconds.

Finally, add the rest of the dry mixture and half a cup of water. Mix it till the batter become fluffy and smooth. Batter consistency must be pouring. Once the batter is ready, put the chocolate batter aside.

Then grease the cake pan with some flour. Dust it with flour. Into the dusted tin, pour the chocolate cake batter. Tap the cake pan so that the batter is evenly spread. Make sure there is no air bubble. Open the pressure cooker’s lid and gently place the cake pan onto the stand inside your pre-heated pressure cooker.

Cover the cooker’s lid. Cook it on low flame for almost 40 minutes. Use a toothpick, insert the cake’s center and see if it comes out clean. Then you can understand that the cake is well cooked. After your cake entirely cools down, remould it.

Cut it into three equal circles. Then evenly add sugar syrup on top of every piece. Let it rest for 10-12 minutes to absorb all the sugar syrup.

Beat whipped cream with icing sugar and vanilla essence. Keep on doing it until it becomes creamy and fluffy. Do it in a chilled bowl. Refrigerate this cream for an hour before you apply it to your cake. In your icing tray, add one tablespoon of cream.

Put one layer of cake on top, including some pieces of cherry. Evenly apply the cream on top. Above that, add another cake layer. Repeat this process. At last, evenly spread the rest of the cream all over the cake.

For 45 minutes, refrigerate the cake for further garnishing. Then garnish on the sides of the cake. Carefully spread chocolate shavings. Garnish using whip cream, cherries, and chocolate shavings on the top.

Finally, refrigerate the cake for at least three hours to let it set. Then slice it and enjoy.

Storing and cooling instructions

Firstly, keep the whipped cream pack in the freezer. Chill it overnight. Once it is chilled, thaw it till it is 50 percent ice. Now take it out and whip it. Keep the cake in the refrigerator for half an hour or 15 minutes in your freezer to set.

How to reheat the cake?

Place the lid on your pressure cooker. Turn the burner to high. Then, allow your pressure cooker to heat the pan with the prepared batter before you. Lower the pan into your pressure cooker. Put on the lid. Wear oven mitts to lift the pressure cooker lid. Lower the pan carefully with the cake batter onto the stand in your pressure cooker. Lastly, put on the cooker’s lid.

Lower the heat to medium. Cook the cake for 5 minutes. Then, the cake will start to rise and cook. Turn the burner to low and bake your cake according to the recipe.

Tips for making the perfect cake

  • Firstly, Make sure that your batter is not very thick. Add two to three tablespoons of warm water if it is thick.
  • Secondly, Never over-mix your batter. It will make your cake hard. Above all, after half an hour of baking, check if the cake is ready.
  • Thirdly, Any aluminium pressure cooker works great for cake baking.
  • Fourthly, Also, do not use lightweight or steel cookers.
  • Fifthly, Avoid baking cake without spreading salt at the bottom. Salt will absorb some heat from too much hot base. It will prevent overheating the base of the cooker.
  • Above all, Another important tip is to not use any gasket and weight while baking the cake.

So if you are keen to bake a black forest cake at your home or wish to surprise your loved ones on their birthday or anniversary, then use this simple cake recipe and prepare it. 

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