5 Indian Thalis That Are Definitely Bigger Than Your Appetite

5 Indian Thalis That Are Definitely Bigger Than Your Appetite

Are you up for a challenge? Here are 5 of India’s biggest thalis that we bet you can’t finish on your own! . These big Indian thalis include a variety of dishes and cater to all tastes, right from sweet and savoury, to tangy and spicy!

Dara Singh Thali (Mini Punjab)

This thali is served at “Masaledaar by Mini Punjab” in Powai, Mumbai. It is an extensive thali that needs at least 4-5 people to complete. Also it’s included in the list of the world’s biggest non-veg thalis and includes a variety of options in both veg and non-veg.
This thali includes aloo paratha, murg musallam Rice, lamb yogurt curry, chur chur de naan, beverages, and chaat options. More than 40 items are served here and it takes 2 people to carry the thali to your table. It costs approx. Rs. 1100/-.

Sampoorna Thali (Kutumb Restaurant)

Can you challenge yourself to finish off a humongous veg thali with over 45 food items all alone, that too at one go? Well, the thali is available right within India, in the food capital Delhi. Kutumb Restaurant in Delhi NCR serves a gigantic veg thali, the Sampoorna Thali and recently the guys have increased its weight from 12.5kgs to more than 18.5 kgs. The world’s largest and heaviest veg thali, you can order the thali at their Rohini or Gurugram outlet.

The thali includes paneer makhani, veg kolhapuri, dal bukhari, soya curry, lajawabi chole, matar paneer, and more. It is paired with a 22-inch naan, missi roti, tandoori paratha, and lacha paratha. Moving on to the desserts, it has kheer, kulfi, two gulab jamuns, and lassi. The thali also includes jaljeera, nimbu, and chilies. 

Bahubali Thali (The House Of Paratha)

“The House of Parathas” serve this thali at JM Road, Pune. It includes Bhalladeva Patiala lassi, Devasena paratha, Kattapa biryani and the huge Bahubali paratha that comes loaded with cheese and butter. The owner of this thali wanted to cash in on the popularity of the superhit movie Baahubali and named it accordingly. The name fits if you ask us. It costs approx. Rs 1500/-.

Kesariya Thali (Kesariya Restaurant)

The Kesariya thali includes 32 dishes. It has everything from welcome drinks to desserts and a mouth-watering main course. We bet you won’t be able to finish the Kesariya thali alone. You’ll need at least 3-4 people to share it with. But, when you’re done, it guarantees complete satisfaction.

If you wanted a glimpse of what it includes, you can look forward to poori, papads, different types of sabzis, condiments, desserts, and more.

Chokhi Dhani Thali (Chokhi Dhani Resort)

Rajasthan is well-known for its splendid culture and food. So if you want to have a kingly experience of food then you must visit Chokhi Dhani in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Chokhi Dhani’s  5-star restaurant will give you a unique experience of traditional Rajasthani dishes with limitless refills.

From churma, kachoris to ghewar and jalebis you will relish the taste of Rajasthan’s authentic culture here. In addition to the food, you get to enjoy the traditional ethnic vibe of the Pink City.

In conclusion, it could be said that these enormous thalis are the perfect representation of our culture and authentic Indian food. So which thali is taking the top spot in your food bucket list?

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