We currently deliver in Bangalore.
We currently deliver in Bangalore.

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The Masala Box Story

The Masala Box Story

The Masala Box Story

Food nostalgia overwhelms us with memories, vivid and vague, of people and places from the past. We often end up craving for the taste of mom’s stew or grandma’s special curry even though we have an abundance of confusing choices. But the truth is nothing compares to mom’s cooking and the food you grew up eating . . . .

Healthy Tiffin Home Delivery in MG Road, Bangalore - Masalabox

Masala Box is a first-of-its-kind food delivery service. Being in the business of door delivering home cooked food for quite some time, we have recently launched tiffin service, in the city of Bangalore. Ours is a very convenient homemade tiffin service with delivery in and around MG Road, Bangalore. We let the users select the package and preferences to avoid the hassle of selecting meals from a menu every day. We send fresh home cooked food on the days selected, based on the preferences set by the customers. The technology and our large pool of home chefs ensure that the meals served are not frequently repeated. We also make sure to take feedbacks and identify user preferences for better service in the long run. We hope you enjoy this new offering from the Masala Box team.