We currently deliver in Bangalore.
We currently deliver in Bangalore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Masala Box?

Masala Box is a platform that makes home-made delicacies more accessible by connecting people seeking healthy, home-cooked meals with skilful home chefs.

What is the role of homechefs?

The home chefs from our network are responsible delicious food that is prepared from only the freshest, finest ingredients. The logistics of each delivery is handled by Masala Box.

Does Masala Box provide packaging materials?

Yes, all the packaging materials used by our home chefs are provided from our side.

Is there any registration fee that is charged?

No, we are very transparent and don't charge any sort of fee or deposit from our home chefs.

Who are the customers of Masala Box?

We operate on a subscription basis; anyone craving delicious, home-cooked food delivered to their homes can subscribe to our meal plans.

Where is Masala Box Situated?

We are based out of Kochi, Kerala. However, we operate from several hubs located across Bengaluru.

Who delivers the food?

We have our own delivery team who takes care of the pickup and timely delivery of the food.

Is there any contract that chef’s need to sign?

We, at Masala Box, are very flexible. You can refer the “Chef Empanelment Form” for any further queries.

What cuisine do we serve?

Our menu is very diverse and covers most North and South Indian dishes.

What is a “meal”?

A meal is the food served and eaten typically during one of the customary, regular occasions for taking food during the day - breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

What is the difference between a Mini Combo, Classic Combo,Deluxe Combo, Bread Combo, Trial Plan, Daily Essentials Mini, Daily Essentials Classic and Daily Essentials Premium?

A Mini Combo meal consists of Dal/Non-Veg Gravy & Papad with Rice, or, Veg/Non-Veg Gravy & Salad with Bread.

A classic Combo meal consists of rice/bread, subzi, gravy, pickle, salad/curd in both, veg and non-veg options.

A Deluxe Combo meal consists of rice and/or bread, sabji, veg/non-veg gravy, dal, salad, curd/raita, pickle and a dessert.

A Bread Combo meal consists of bread, a veg curry, a veg/non-veg curry, pickle, salad, curd, and dessert.

A Trial Plan meal consists of combination of Classic Combo, Deluxe Combo, and Bread Combo meal plans in a single subscription plan.

A Daily Essentials Mini Box consists of white/brown bread, coconut cookies and herb pepper butter.

A Daily Essentials Classic Box consists of white/brown bread, coconut cookies, herb Pepper Butter, carrot cake, mixed fruit Compote.

A Daily Essentials Premium Box consists of white/brown bread, coconut cookies, herb pepper butter, carrot cake, mixed fruit compote.

How does the payment cycle work?

The payment cycle happens every 10-14 days.

How soon can I start?

After all the documents are accumulated we can proceed to featuring you as one of our home chefs within the upcoming week.

Do we get to setup our own menu or does Masala Box do that for us?

Masala Box curates a menu featuring dishes that the chef is familiar cooking for one week at a time.

Would I be able to take leaves in between?

Chefs can use the availability calendar provided to let us know about their availability for the whole month.

How can I sell homemade food in Bangalore through Masala Box?

You can partner with Masala Box as a Homechef by simply registering on Masala Box Website or App. Once registered, our team will fix a tasting session at your house based on your location and possibility of delivery. After which, you will be asked to collect your FSSAI certification and other documents for which we will be guiding you throughout.

Once these steps are fulfilled, you can join based on your convenience. Masalabox offers a very flexible system wherein you can cook purely based on your availability for the week and according to which you will be paid.

How do I sell home cooked food online through Masala Box?

Register through our website or user-friendly app to partner with Masala Box as a Home Chef. Our team will get in touch with you once you have finished registering and will conduct a tasting session at your home. You will need to collect FSSAI certification and other related documents, but do not worry, we will be there to guide you.

Once you have completed the formalities, you can start making food for us at your own convenience. In fact, we have an incredibly flexible schedule that will let you cook based on your weekly availability.