7 interesting facts to know about Michelin Stars

7 interesting facts to know about Michelin Stars

Michelin stars are a ranking system used by the Michelin Guide to grade restaurants. The guide was original draft idea in 1900 by French tire company Michelin to help its customers find places to eat while on the road.

The guide uses several criteria to rate restaurants, including quality of food, service, and ambience. It is restaurants award that gives one, two, or three stars based on their performance in these areas.

Why is it prestigious to get Michelin Stars

There are a few reasons why Michelin Stars are so prestigious. The first is that a highly respected organization gives them out. The Michelin Guide has been around for over 100 years and is known for its rigorous standards. To receive a Michelin Star, a restaurant must meet or exceed the expectations of the inspectors. This means that only the best of the best restaurants can earn this distinction.

Another reason why Michelin Stars are prestigious is that they are difficult to obtain. There are currently only around 3,000 restaurants worldwide that have earned at least one Michelin Star. This means that these restaurants represent the cream of the crop regarding dining experiences. When diners see that a restaurant has earned one or more Michelin Stars, they know they can expect an exceptional meal.

Finally, having a Michelin Star can be extremely beneficial for business purposes. Restaurants with this distinction often see an increase in customer visits and revenues. This is due to both word-of-mouth recommendations and the fact that diners are willing to pay more for a high-quality dining experience. In many ways, a Michelin Star represents not just excellence in cuisine but also a financial success.

Here are 7 things you may not have known about them:

1) The Michelin Guide was first published in 1900 by André Michelin and his brother Édouard. 

2) The guide only covered France but now covers over 30 countries. 

3) To be eligible for a star, a restaurant must be inspected anonymously by a Michelin inspector. 

4) There are currently 3 levels of Michelin stars – one star, two stars, and three stars. 

5) A one-star rating indicates that the food is “good”, a two-star rating means the food is “worth a detour”, and a three-star rating signifies that the restaurant is “worth a special journey”. 

6) less than 100 restaurants worldwide have been awarded 3 Michelin stars 

7) Chef Gordon Ramsay holds the record for the most Michelin starred restaurants with 16 (12 in London).

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