7 Best Pure Veg Restaurants near Rajajinagar Bangalore

9 Best Pure Veg Restaurants near Rajajinagar Bangalore

With the growing popularity of vegetarian food, there is a rising demand for pure veg restaurants near Rajajinagar Bangalore. While it is not necessary to visit a pure vegetarian restaurant near Rajajinagar just because you are a vegetarian, there is no harm in trying out something different once in a while. Here are some of the most popular pure veg restaurants near Rajajinagar that you should try if you want to experience delicious food without compromising taste.

1947 Restaurant

1947 Restaurant is a well-appointed veg restaurant with classic North Indian and Chinese fare, serving both vegetarian grills and a menu of pure vegetarian dishes.

And if you’re looking for an easy way to get your weekend brunch fix, their buffet is available every Friday and Saturday for only 550/- per person.

The ambience at the restaurant is casual yet classy enough to be considered appropriate for dining in the evening. The service staff is attentive and friendly enough to ensure that you are well taken care of throughout your meal.

The Happy Vegetarian

The Happy Vegetarian is a less frequented place when compared to popular outlets around. They serve North Indian food and have a very small menu. The food is decent with good service, but one should go there prepared for having few options.

You can order baby cornsticks, Roti and Kaju masala as starters which are quite filling they can be. Watch out for the portions. Do try their Panner butter masala, Masala Puri, Tomato Soap, and last but not least, Vegetarian Manchurian.

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The Higher Taste

The Higher Taste is a two-level restaurant in a temple complex serving Sattvic Indian food on banana leaves and buffets. The place only serves buffet style and not ala carte.

I had gone in for a lunch buffet that cost about ₹800~ per head, including taxes, with unlimited veg starters, curries and desserts. Anything and everything is with no onion and no garlic, but the taste is superb!


Food Camp, as the name suggests, is a camp-like restaurant with an ambience that’s cosy and warm. It serves north Indian, Chinese, south Indian and even continental dishes.

Food Camp has been making people happy for years with its tasty tandoori and butter paneer pieces. The paneer butter masala is something you should try if you haven’t already had it—it’s one of their specialities! The food here is fabulous, and the service is extremely prompt.

The veg kheema here is delicious, too—make sure to order a side of naan or roti because it comes on its own (it also goes well with rice).

Kadamba Veg

This is a very big eatery spot. They have several varieties of food options. They have north Indian south Indian, chat items, sweets, juice etc.

Coffee and some chats are good here but not that hygienic, which is okay at this price point. The best thing about them is they don’t use plastic wrapping for their chaat packets, so it’s easy to eat without dirtying your hands or clothes!

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Hotel Sagar

The restaurant has a nice ambience and is perfect for family gatherings as well. It has a good collection of North Indian dishes, along with some South Indian food items too, especially the famous dosas! The menu is quite extensive and very reasonably priced too.

The staff is polite and friendly. This place is great for quick bites or to sit down and dine in if you want to enjoy some good vegetarian food!

Ambika Vegetarian

Ambika Vegetarian is a Pure Veg Restaurants near Rajajinagar, Bangalore. The restaurant’s ambience is good, and it has a great aesthetic appearance and taste. The Chinese food in this place is great.

The food here is prepared under the guidance of expert chefs. The menu has a wide variety of Chinese dishes and Indian delicacies. The place is good for family gatherings and date nights because it provides an intimate environment.


Living in a city like Bangalore, people have a lot of choices when it comes to food. However, there is no need to compromise on health or nutrition. Pure Veg Restaurants near Rajajinagar are the best place for vegans and vegetarians who want delicious dishes that are healthy as well. The restaurants offer food with no added sugar or oil and serve only natural ingredients, which promotes good health for everyone!!

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