7 Best Non-veg Restaurants Near Basavanagudi Bangalore

Non-veg Restaurants Near Basavanagudi

Bangalore is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in India, and it has a wide variety of restaurants serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The city has many eating joints serving traditional Indian dishes like thali and biryani, but it also has some unique restaurants specializing in cuisines from other countries. If you are looking for non-veg restaurants near Basavanagudi Bangalore, this post will help you find them easily!

Kolhapur’s Non-Veg

Kolhapur’s Non-Veg is a wonderful place to have food. The place’s ambiance is very good, with friendly staff and great service. They also have an outdoor sitting area with some nice plants around, which looks really pretty and gives you a relaxed mood.

The best thing about this restaurant is its variety of dishes, from starters to sweets. You can try chicken biryani or meatballs here if you are looking for something spicy and tangy, or else go for their dry fry chicken or sholey kabab if your taste buds crave some non-veg goodness! They have everything covered here.

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New Prashanth Hotel

This restaurant is a great option for non-vegetarian lovers who want to enjoy a good meal without any fuss. The food served here is delicious, and the rates are very reasonable.

The ambiance of this place is also very comfortable, with an easygoing feel.

Some of our recommended dishes from the menu are Chicken Masala, Rasam, Chicken Biriyani, and Chicken Kabab.

We would definitely recommend this place if you are looking for some delicious non-vegetarian Indian fare served in easygoing surroundings at an affordable price!

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House of Kebabs

Another popular choice for non-vegetarians in Bangalore is Kebab House, which serves a variety of kebabs and other chicken dishes. If you love kebabs, then this place will not disappoint. They have some amazing BBQ kebabs that are served on fire.

They are also famous for their mutton dishes, such as biryani and korma, which are very well prepared here.

Empire Restaurant Jayanagar

Empire Restaurant is a great place to enjoy your time with friends, family, and colleagues. It has a large enough space to accommodate private parties. The service here is excellent, and they always serve hot food, so you will never have to wait long hours before your meal arrives at your table! The food here is absolutely delicious, but of course, the oil is slightly more when compared to other restaurants.

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Kabab Magic

One of the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Bangalore is Kabab Magic. This place offers non-vegetarian food, and the taste is really good but a bit different. Even vegetarian foods are available. The price is reasonable when compared to other restaurants.

Here we have various combos to buy rather, which is a very good option. The quantity of biriyani is small, but it’s sufficient when we buy combos with this.

Sangam Military

Sangam Military is a nice non-veg restaurants near Basavanagudi Bangalore. This place serves the best Thatte idli, which goes well with any nonveg gravy we consume. We ordered pepper chicken, chilly chicken, heated meat, brain, fish, and parantha; surprisingly, all these tasted equally good. The best part is the reasonable price.

Good place, a reasonable price, and the taste were good to have South Indian breakfast here. No doubt about that. It’s one of the best places for south Indian breakfast you can get here in basavanagudi. Suppose you want to try out authentic Kannada food. In that case, this is your destination because the Sangam military serves pure Kannada food at affordable prices but still maintains the quality of their food!!

Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves is a low-key restaurant serving an extensive local & Pan-Asian fare menu, plus vegetarian options. The ambiance is very simple, but the restaurant has a cozy feel. Try mushroom ghee roast, vegetable spring rolls, egg bonda, and watermelon mojito here. Egg bonda was ok. I need it to be spicier, or any masala stuffing inside will be nice.


So, there you have it. These are the seven best non-veg restaurants near Basavanagudi Bangalore. We hope you’ll find what you need here if you’re looking for good food.

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