6 Delicious Mutton Dishes From Around the Country

6 Delicious Mutton dishes From Around the Country

In India, mutton is a popular dish, and different parts of the country have their own specialties. From the spicy tastes of the North to the more mild tastes of the South, there are many ways to enjoy mutton. In this essay, I’ll talk about six of the most popular mutton dishes from all over the country.

Laal Maas from Rajasthan

Laal Maas is a spicy dish from Rajasthan is mostly cook with lamb, red chilli peppers, and different spices. The dish’s signature heat comes from the red chilies, while the spices add another layer of flavour. The dish also has yoghurt, garlic, and onions to make a thick sauce. However, Laal Maas is a popular dish in Rajasthani homes. It is often served with bajra roti or chapati.

Biryani with lamb from Hyderabad

Mutton Biryani is a special dish from Hyderabadyou can cook with basmati rice, lamb, and many different spices. Cooking it in a pot with a lid, which helps keep the flavours of the spices and mutton. The biryani is a popular dish in Hyderabadi homes. It is often served with raita and mirchi ka salan.

Mutton Korma from Uttar Pradesh

Mutton Korma is a popular dish from Uttar Pradesh is actually with lamb, yoghurt, and different spices. The dish cook with yoghurt, garlic, and onions to make a thick sauce. The spices give the dish an extra layer of flavour, and the yoghurt keeps the mutton tender. Mutton Korma is a popular dish in Uttar Pradesh homes. It is often serving with chapati or naan.

Mutton Vindaloo from Goa

Goan Mutton Vindaloo features lamb, vinegar, and a variety of spices. Sauce ingredients include vinegar, garlic, and onions and thicken as they cook. The dish gets its signature spiciness from vinegar, while the addition of spices rounds out the flavour profile. Vindaloo with lamb is a staple in many Goan kitchens. Serve it with steamed rice or chapati.

Rogan Josh with lamb from Kashmir

The traditional Kashmiri dish of Mutton Rogan Josh features lamb, yoghurt, and a variety of spices. Yogurt, garlic, and onions are saute together to form a flavorful sauce for this dish. The mutton gets an extra kick of flavour from the spices, and the yoghurt helps it stay tender throughout the cooking process. Mutton Rogan Josh is another popular dish in Kashmiri kitchens. Serve it with steamed rice or chapati.

Curry with lamb from Kerala

Mutton Curry is a lamb cook in coconut milk with various spices; a popular dish in Kerala. Coconut milk, garlic, and onions are used to make a flavorful and substantial sauce for this dish. The mutton stays tender thanks to the coconut milk and the spices. One of the staples of a typical Keralan meal is mutton curry. Serve it with steamed rice or chapati.


In India, dishes made with mutton are popular, and each region has its own specialties. This essay looked at six of the most popular mutton dishes from different parts of India: Laal Maas from Rajasthan, Mutton Biryani from Hyderabad, Mutton Korma from Uttar Pradesh, Mutton Vindaloo from Goa, Mutton Rogan Josh from Kashmir, and Mutton Curry from Kerala. Each of these dishes has its own unique taste that everyone can enjoy.

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