5 Things You Should Never Order at a Restaurant

5 Things You Should Never Order at a Restaurant

If you’re going out for dinner, there are certain items you should never order. These are the five things that you should Never Order at a Restaurant.


Seafood is one of the most expensive items on any menu. And it also has a reputation for being one of the least fresh. If you’re someone who can’t eat certain fish or shellfish due to allergies. You’ll want to steer clear because almost all seafood is pre- cook and could contain breading or other ingredients that might make you sick. Plus, restaurants have a habit of overcooking fish— even if it’s served fresh, it’ll still taste dry and bland when serving to you.

Finally, seafood is really hard to cook properly. It’s easy enough for most cooks at home, but in large batches (especially if they need to be cooking quickly). There are mistakes happen often enough that personally wouldn’t order anything with more than three ingredients. Also out of my kitchen unless we knew exactly what was going on behind closed doors.

Chicken Wings.

Chicken is a healthy option, but chicken wings are typically deep-fried in oil. Most restaurants serve their chicken wings with some sauce, which adds unnecessary calories and fat to your meal. It’s also not uncommon for restaurants to give you more than one portion of these fatty meats. It means you can easily end up consuming far more calories than you intended on your plate.

In general, we recommend never order deep-fried foods at restaurant unless they come under a certain size (like French fries). If you must get your fix, try opting for something like grilled chicken or another easy-to-cook meat that won’t ruin your diet.


Salads are not healthy. In fact, they’re usually the least healthy option on the menu. If you order a salad at a restaurant, there’s no guarantee that it won’t be swimming in dressing or topped with fried chicken. And even if you do get your salad without any added goodies, it still isn’t going to fill you up all that well—salad isn’t exactly calorie-dense food (far from it!).

Salads can be expensive especially if they come with toppings like bacon bits or cheese crumbles—which they probably will, given how many restaurants want to charge extra for those items these days (and don’t forget about the price of dressing).

The bottom line is: salads aren’t filling; they’re not healthy, and sometimes they’re just as expensive as items from other sections on your menus, like pizza or pasta dishes.


Cheesecake is one of the worst desserts you should never order at a restaurant. It’s usually dry, crumbly, and too sweet. The calories are a bit much for what you get—a small piece of cake that’s good for one serving but not enough to share with someone else.

Please don’t make the same mistake I made when I was younger: don’t order cheesecake!

Milk Shake

A milkshake is a frozen beverage made with milk and flavorings, such as ice cream. It can be made with fruit or other ingredients, such as chocolate syrup or malt powder.

The best part about a milkshake is that it’s easy to make at home—add ice cream to your blender! If you’re feeling fancy, try putting an egg in there, too, for extra protein!


In conclusion, we hope you will consider these five things never order at a restautant. They may seem harmless and tasty to some, but all of them can have negative effects on your health if consumed too much by you or your family members.

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