5 Reasons why homebaked goodies are better than store-bought baked products?

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The battle between homebaked goodies and store-bought baked junks is an old one now but just as relevant today.

Due to lack of time and choices, we oftentimes pick up whatever is available to us from the supermarket shelves.

But where there is a whisk, there is a way!

Challenged by this compulsion, we at Masalabox thought that ‘enough is enough’! This is a problem we need to address and the urgency is immediate.

Our home chefs put on their toques, punched some dough, turned on their home ovens and whipped some butter, and voila, they came up with a fresh, mouth-watering, and decadent range of homebaked goodies.

But before you learn about our premium range of homebaked goodies that is Daily Essentials, there are few baking essentials that you should be aware of. And that’s why we chose to put all of that together in this blog.

Why homebaked goodies triumph over their store-bought versions?

Use of Best Ingredients

Needless to say, a mass-produced bakery item is an artificial imitation of the highest order. Unlike our home chefs who are driven by a passion for cooking, factory-produced bulk bread won’t even use real ingredients. This is the reason why supermarket shelf bread never smells as wholesome as home-baked one. Isn’t it?

Oodles of Personal Touch

At home, baking recipes are handed down, tweaked over time, learned at gourmet baking schools, and perfected by a baker with a passion that creates a taste palette over and above mass-produced ones. So when you are taking a bite of home-baked bread or a homemade cookie, you actually taste their experiences and expertise gathered over a while. No machine can do that!

Keeping it Healthy & Preservative Free

Industrial products will be always packed with preservatives to extend their shelf life. With homebaked goodies, we use small batch baking techniques and especially the made to order baked items are done fresh every day. That’s why the products remain chemical-free. Home bakers generally bake only one item at one time (because typically their home ovens will only accommodate single baking items over industrial equipment which bake in huge numbers), thereby preserving its taste and aroma. No need to add any life enhancer because it is meant to be consumed immediately or in two-three days! Home-baked goods have no added chemicals, emulsifiers, artificial flavors, etc.

And dang the weird taste of preservatives left behind in a store-bought baked product!

The cycle of Freshness

At bakeries and supermarkets, even fresh loaves of bread are made hours before and you might consume them a few hours after. If you calculate the typical time of a store-bought baked product, the cycle from the factory to the plate will go anywhere past one month. Whereas home-baked items are prepared fresh (in fact at Daily Essentials, we start making it after we have received the order) and consumed within a week.

Made with Love

Baking is an emotional stress buster – for the baker as well as one who is relishing the end product. Many cooks compare baking with mindfulness and we all know cooking itself increases happiness. So homebaked goodies are a perfect vessel to carry that love and happiness and spread smiles around. This human connection will be completely lost on a machine because happiness is homemade!

Did we ‘bake’ you happy?

We sincerely hope that we could successfully throw some light on the benefits of homebaked goodies over the store-bought ones. Now armed with these new pieces of information, you will make a better choice – to improve the health of your family, to taste the best, and consume a more natural diet!

Check out Daily Essentials by Masalabox here, a premium range of homebaked goodies.

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