5 Easy Tips To Keep Semolina Insect Free

5 Easy Tips To Keep Semolina Insect Free

Semolina (aka suji) is a nutritious food used for centuries as an ingredient in many recipes and desserts. It is usually made from durum wheat, which has a higher protein content than regular wheat. Would you like to know about how to keep semolina insects free? Follow these simple and easy steps that will help you keep your product insect free.

Suji is easy to find at most grocery stores and is usually kept in an unopened bag or a clear plastic container. Once you open the package, you may be confronted with some unwanted visitors: insects!

Luckily there are several ways to keep those pesky bugs from ruining your semolina supply…

Keep in the refrigerator.

The most important thing to remember when storing sooji is that it must be kept cold. If you plan to keep your semolina in a dry place, you should keep it in the refrigerator. This will ensure no moisture and mould growth on your food.

Semolina insects like heat and humidity, so keeping your suji in the fridge will prevent them from multiplying and eating away at your product before you can use it all!

Use airtight containers.

Keeping your semolina in airtight containers is a sure way to keep your sooji insect-free. This will prevent unwanted insects from getting into your product and keep it dry and fresh for longer.

Keeping the humidity out of the container is another element that contributes to keeping semolina away from moisture, which can cause damage or create an environment suitable for insects. Airtight containers also keep humidity out of the container, keeping it safe from moisture damage or creating an environment that would be suitable for future insects!

Keep the packet inside a plastic bag.

Keeping the semolina in a plastic bag is the best way to keep it fresh, safe and tasty. Keeping the semolina inside a plastic bag also prevents bugs from getting into it and keeps it out of sight so that you don’t have to pay attention to what kind of insect has invaded your cupboard when you look for some pasta!

  • They keep bugs out: The small holes in bags allow air flow but not insects
  • Also keeps the semolina dry: Moisture can lead to mould growth and spoilage
  • Keeps the semolina fresh: Keeping things airtight helps keep them from going stale or rancid

Store semolina with aromatic spices.

Store the semolina in a container with aromatic spices to keep it fresh. The aroma of the spices will deter insects from getting near your semolina.

Also, storing your semolina insect free in an airtight container helps to keep it fresh and free from bugs.

You can also want to use a desiccant at the bottom of your storage containers or bags, to prvenet the humidity in the Sooji in storage. You can also use it in the condistios of condensation often occurs on surfaces such as glass jars or plastic tubs. Then fill the dry items like pasta mixes such as macaroni noodles of wheat flour along with other ingredients.

Leave a Bay leaf or two inside of the packet/jar.

You can also use a bay leaf or two inside the packet/jar. Bay leaves are to repel insects, and you can find them in your grocery store. Place one or two inside of your container and seal it tight. This will work even better if you put one on top so it is not visible and keeps working to keep the bugs out!


I hope these tips help you to keep your semolina free of insects. As I said before, they are straightforward to implement, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give them a try to prevent the infestation of any more food items in your pantry! It’s better safe than sorry, after all!

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