5 Dangerous Viral food challenges

5 Dangerous Viral food challenges

Are you up for some dangerous viral food challenges? 

If so, we’ve got just the blog for you! We’ll be listing 5 viral food challenges that were straight-up dangerous. From eating a live chicken to drinking battery acid, these stunts will definitely put your stomach on edge. But don’t worry – all of these challenges are totally safe to do if you follow the instructions carefully! 

So what are you waiting for? 

Let’s get started!

Pickle Challenge

The Pickle Challenge is not for the faint of heart! If you are feeling unwell after completing it, please seek medical attention immediately. Not only can this challenge lead to nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps, but pickle eaters also run a serious risk of food poisoning from the bacteria that is found in pickles. Make sure to talk to your doctor before starting this challenge if you have any health conditions or dietary restrictions.

Big Meal Challenge

Don’t try the Big Meal Challenge at home – it’s not worth the risk! This challenge has been known to cause weight gain, digestive issues, and even kidney failure. It can be very dangerous if not done correctly – risks choking, vomiting, and even death. The Big Meal Challenge is a dangerous stunt that involves eating an entire meal in one go. This challenge aims to see how much food someone can consume in one sitting. However, as with all things risky, there are always possible risks associated with trying something like this at home unsupervised. You could injure yourself or, worse, die from malnutrition or dehydration if you don’t do it properly!

The Ghost Pepper Challenge

There are a number of food challenges out there that can be incredibly dangerous. The Ghost Pepper Challenge, for example, sees participants eat a whole raw Ghost Pepper – which is the world’s hottest pepper! 

Sadly, some people have already died as a result of attempting it. The Cobra Challenge involves consuming massive amounts of cobra venom without knowing it – and this has also resulted in serious injuries to many participants. 

One person lost their vision after participating in this challenge, and another had to undergo surgery to remove part of their stomach due to the extreme pain caused by the cobra venom ingestion. While these challenges may seem fun at first, be very careful before you decide to take part in them – especially if you aren’t fully aware of what could happen!

The Cinnamon Challenge

There’s no question that food challenges can be a lot of fun, but be careful what you put in your mouth! Many people ended up with serious digestive problems after taking part in the Cinnamon challenge. In fact, some even ended up in the hospital. 

Drinking hot liquids after consuming spicy foods can also cause health problems – so please be aware of these risks before participating in any food challenge online or off!

Hot Wing Challenge

If you are thinking of trying the Hot Wing Challenge, please don’t! The challenge has quickly spread online and caused major injuries and deaths worldwide. 

Participants have to eat as many chicken wings as possible in 10 minutes. This can lead to serious food poisoning and even death. There is a real danger of getting hurt or killed while attempting this challenge – be very careful!


Are you feeling a little bit sick lately? 

If so, it might not be just the flu – there could be something more serious going on. This blog has listed five viral food challenges that are straight-up dangerous. If you are not careful, you could end up with very serious health complications due to these viral food challenges. 

So, be sure to read through the blog and take note of the dangers involved before you take any risks. We hope this will help you avoid any serious health complications in the future!

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