4 Myths About Protein Powder

Protein supplements have long been used by people who gym to help enhance their performance. People tend to have mixed views pertaining to protein powder and its consumption. It is very important to set some facts straight before deciding whether or not one should consume it. We bring to you a list of 4 myths about protein powder that needs to be debunked.

Protein powder is needed only by people who exercise

This notion is completely incorrect. Though many people who exercise need the extra protein in their diet to compensate for all the muscle building. It helps them reduce the loss of protein and aids in muscle hypertrophy. However, it is also required by other people due to the fact that our diet usually cannot compensate for all the protein required. Thus, eating protein supplements definitely helps achieve holistic health for an individual.

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Protein powder makes you bulky

Everyone, especially the women believe that the consumption of protein powder will increase their muscle mass and make them bulky. This however is completely incorrect. Protein powders can never make you bulky unless compared with extremely rigorous exercise. Thus you can consume the supplement without the stress of gaining too much muscle from it. Our bodies on an average require about 0.8g of protein per kg body weight everyday.

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The body cannot utilize more than 30g of protein in a day

It is a myth that our bodies can utilize only limited amounts of proteins in a day. In fact, our bodies can utilize almost all the protein that is sent their way. We do feel very full after a meal loaded with protein but that is because proteins take longer to digest than other components. Our bodies are very much capable of utilizing all of the protein in our diet.

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Protein supplements are artificial

This is not true. Whey is found in milk along with casein. Whey is left behind after the cottage cheese is processed and being in the powdered form just helps it get absorbed better. Protein supplements are thus, a good source of dietary protein that your body requires. They are also pretty natural and easy to digest.

Source: MedIndia

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Protein supplements have for long been associated with the notion that they are required only people who gym, but this is a wrong line of thought. Protein supplements are pretty natural and easy to digest for the body and hence can be consumed by almost everyone as per their requirement.

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