4 Different Types Of Garlic & Which Is The Best!

4 Different Types Of Garlic & Which Is The Best!

Garlic is one of the best ingredients for cooking. It’s a little spicy and has an intense flavour that can add a lot to your meal. But there are many different types of garlic, and they all have unique properties and benefits. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of garlic, so you know which one to use in each recipe!

White garlic

White garlic is the most common type of garlic. It has a milder flavour than other types of garlic because it has been processed to remove its outer skin and germ. The result is a milder flavour with less pungent—meaning there’s less bite to it than if you were to eat raw cloves or roast them whole over an open flame (which would give you a more intense flavour).

White garlic isn’t as healthy as other varieties because it’s been stripped down so much that all of its nutrients have gone away, too—but if you’re looking for something milder in taste and appearance (you can often see its white colour through its papery covering), this is your best option!

Purple garlic

Purple Garlic, like other varieties, can be used in many ways, such as cooking or raw as part of salads and soups. The flavour can vary depending on the preparation method, but it’s often described as more mellow than regular white or red onions.

Pink garlic

Pink garlic, sometimes called “red garlic” or Japanese garlic, is a hybrid of white and purple garlic. It has a milder flavour than the other varieties and is used in the same way as white or red. This type of garlic is popular in Japan.

It’s often used raw to add colour to salads, but you’ll also find it cooked into stir fries and soups. Pink garlic is known to be easier to digest because of its lower allicin content.

Black garlic

Black garlic is made from regular garlic that has been fermented in an oxygen-free environment. The process takes at least two months to complete. Finally you have a sweet caramelized treat that is used in many foods, including ice cream and chocolate.

Black garlic has a much deeper flavour than its white counterpart. But also contains less of the characteristic pungent smell associated with fresh garlic. This makes black garlic an excellent option for those who don’t like their food to smell like they just ate raw onions!

Which one is better?

Because white garlic is the most common and widely available, it’s also the best choice for most people. White garlic has a mild flavour and cooks easily, making it versatile in the kitchen. While it doesn’t last as long as other types of garlic, white does have a longer shelf life than purple or red varieties. It’s also relatively easy to grow. If you’re new to growing your own food, then this is an ideal variety with which to start!


We know that there are a lot of different types of garlic, and it can be confusing to pick one. To help you out, we have given our list of the best garlic varieties for different uses. If you are looking for something sweet and aromatic, white garlic is your best bet. Also if you want something more pungent than typical garlic but not as spicy as reds or greens, then purple is perfect! If you want some heat with your flavour, then pink or black might be right up your alley…

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