3 Of The Biggest World-Record Cakes Made By Indian Bakers

Here, we’ll be talking about 3 food world records that belong to incredible Indian bakers. These people have shown tremendous ability and skill as bakers so we decided to shine a spotlight on their achievements.

World’s Largest Celebrity Birthday Cake

Made in 2020 by Mr Veenu Gowda, this birthday cake measured 70 x 40 ft. It was made for the birthday of the Kannada film star, Yash.

Credits: Twitter / @wri_in

The cake took 20 team members and 96 man-hours to prepare. It also required about 50 kgs of oil and 22,500 eggs. 

World’s Largest Dirt Cake

A team of four – Dr Archana Diwan, Danish Ali, Nidhi Bagri & Poonam Ankur ShriShrimal made the world’s largest dirt cake in 10 hours.

They used 220 kg of cream cheese, 190 liters of whipped cream, 550 kg of crushed sandwich cookies, 65 kg of sugar, 180 liters of milk, 45 kg of custard powder, 35 kg of candy, 85 kg of butter and, 35 kg of edible decorations. 

The cake weighed 1078 kgs.

World’s Largest Vegan Edible Icing Structure

Prachi Dhabal Deb, a Pune based baker, created thise majestic royal icing structure of the Milan Cathedral.

The structure weighed 100 kgs. She also created the record for the maximum number of royal edible icing structures.

These bakers have made India proud on the world front. We hope they’ll act as an inspiration for those who plan on making it big in the food industry.

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