10 Unusual Indian Dishes You’ll Love To Cook

If you’re looking to add some new flavours to your repertoire, look no further than Indian dishes. From curries and tandoori chicken to paneer and biryani, there’s something for everyone on this list. And with so many different formulas and flavours to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll teach you 10 unusual Indian dishes you can cook at home in no time. So get started—the world is waiting!

The Top 10 Indian Dishes You’ll Love to Cook.

The best way to enjoy Indian cuisine is to start with the easy and most common dishes. These include the momos (wheat-based doughnut), tandoori chicken, and dal makhani. However, there are many other delicious and unique dishes that you can try if you want to explore Indian cuisine more fully.

Some of the best unusual Indian dishes that you can cook at home include:

1. Tandoori Chicken: This dish is a popular Indian dish that involves Marinated chicken breasts cooked in a hot oven. The result is a perfectly cooked, juicy bird that is delicious, both plain and spiced up.

2. Dal Makhani: This Gujarati dish is a spicy black lentils dish along with ground tomatoes, onion, peas, tomatoes, spices and milk. It’s a popular main course in restaurants with rice and rolti.

3. Momos: These wheat-based doughnuts are one of the simplest dishes you can make at home and are perfect for any occasion. They’re also relatively easy to customize by adding your favourite vegetables, fruits, or meats.

4. Pav Bagh: This classic Hyderabadi dish features mixed vegetables and pulses simmered in a sour cream sauce over an eggplant pavilion bread crust).

5. Kheer: A popular Indian dessert made from chickpeas hidden in thick yoghurt cream? Delicious!

6. Jalfrezi: A Hyderabadi food favourite made from dhokla (a type of rice pudding) and currants. Yum!

7. Puran): Another popular Hyderabadi meal made from boiled rice with peas and chickpeas? Delicious!

8. Mughlai Dishes: These delicate Mughlai meals involve several items simmering in the gravy until everything is tender and flavour with mint or cumin, Added later during cooking.

9. Roti: Another popular Pakistani dish that is made from a type of unleavened bread and is boiled or baked.

10. Kulfi: This dessert is a Hyderabadi favourite made from milk, pistachios, and sugar.


If you’re looking for Indian dishes that are easy to cook, these recipes will be perfect for you. We’ve got you covered from quick and easy Indian dishes to delicious and health-packed Ayurvedic meals. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook, our recipes will make your cooking experience a joy. Thanks for choosing us!

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