10 Essentials For A Well-Stocked Kitchen Pantry

I am someone who loves to cook. Cooking my favorite food and enjoying it is something I look forward to after a stressful day. However, my excitement and motivation to cook a meal often goes away when I see an empty kitchen pantry. An empty kitchen pantry means there isn’t absolute anything for you to work with. So, I will need to run to the grocery store to buy items, which can be quite hard after a tiresome day. 

So, I have started to stock my kitchen pantry with essential items for a while and it has really worked for me. When you have a pantry filled with essential items, you will be easily able to make a delicious meal with ease. That said, picking up the right items for the pantry can be quite challenging. So, to make things easier for you, here is a list of 10 essentials for a well-stocked kitchen pantry. 


There is no denying that most Indian kitchen pantries contain an overwhelming number of spices. In fact, you will surely have several spices at your home even now. Spices like cumin, fennel, cloves, star anise, cinnamon sticks may be already available in your home. If not, you can easily purchase them from the local grocery store. You need to store and place the spices in a dark and cold place. 

Fresh Vegetables

If you are a vegetarian or someone who loves veg dishes, there is a lot of Indian recipes you can try at your home. In that case, it would be an excellent idea to stock fresh vegetables in the pantry. You can include onions, potatoes, spinach, peas, tomatoes, and more vegetables in the pantry. The good part is that you will be able to prepare different veg dishes with these items. 

Special Seasonings

Most of the currys and other dishes that you are preparing at your home are available as special seasonings in the market. If you are looking to make a quick meal, then these special seasonings will serve quite useful. You will be able to find and order Sambar Mix, Kadala Curry Mix, Theeyal Mix, & Pulinkari Mix online. These mixes will help you to easily prepare delicious currys. 

Jams, Butter, & Canned Goods

Jarred and canned goods are a rich source of proteins and nutrients. Most Indian homes usually have canned goods like jams and butter in the pantry. A wide range of different jams, compote, and butter are available in the market. You will surely love to Seasonal Mixed Fruit Compote, Pineapple & Plum Compote , Herb Pepper Butter, & more available at Homemade Pantry. They are all yummy, preservative-free, and available online too.


Homemade sauces are great and we all love to taste it. That said, preparing homemade sauces can be difficult if you are busy. This is why it is best to have some store-bought sauces in your pantry at all times. You can also include mayonnaise, ketchup, and marinades too. 


Oil is another essential pantry item that you will need if you are looking forward to cooking delicious meals. You can buy any type of oil based on your personal preferences and use them for sauteing and frying. 


If you are a South Indian, Rice would be something that you consume on a daily basis. If that’s the case, stocking your pantry with rice is an excellent idea. You will be able to make a wide range of different rice recipes with rice and just a few ingredients. 


There are some people who don’t like to eat rice or rice recipes. This is why you need to store flour in your kitchen pantry. Bread is actually eaten as a substitute for rice in several parts of the country. With flour, you can easily prepare chapati, roti, naan, and more. 

Salt & Sugar

Salt and sugar are essential pantry items and we cannot think of a kitchen pantry without these two items. You will need to use salt in almost every meal so make sure to add it to your pantry. 

Packaged Goods

It feels good when you have something to eat at your home without going through the trouble of preparing anything. This is why I have stocked vellupperi, sharkara upperi, and other packaged goods in my pantry. So, If I ever get hungry, I always have something to snack on. 

If you are wondering how to buy essential pantry items like jams, butters, compote, or spice mixes online, do not worry we have got you covered. 

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