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Masalabox brings you a unique home-crafted dining experience, from the kitchens of talented home chefs in your neighborhood. Our dishes range from regional flavors to world cuisines, prepared fresh daily using handpicked ingredients, and made with utmost love and care.

Love to Cook?

"They provided me with a platform through which I could not only showcase my culinary skills but also create a regular income and identity of my own as a Chef. They gave us Home Chefs the opportunity to further this passion for cooking that we have. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with a team that we know to be as much lovers of food as we Home Chefs are!"

Nisha Kattikaran, Kochi

"Masalabox provided me the perfect platform on which I could develop my culinary skills professionally. Being a homemaker, I was given the opportunity to become an independent woman. As they say “Happiness of cooking come from feeding others”. Thank you Team Masalabox for being an encouragement and heartwarming support in my culinary dream"

Mehar , Bangalore